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This article aims to list relevant cryptocurrencies.
To be listed here, a currency must have one of the following qualities:

  • The currency must have a market cap of one million dollars.
  • The currency must be the first to introduce an innovative protocol.
  • The currency must have at one point had significant notoriety.
  • The currency must have been an infamous fraud.

These coins are currently ordered according to launch date.

Coin Ticker Launched Protocol Distribution Market cap Unit cap Status Notes
Ripple XRP 2004 Ripple Purchased $139 million 28,989,252,282 Active
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin BTC 3 January 2009 SHA-256d Mined (fixed, halving) $6.34 billion 20,999,999.9769 Active First blockchain
Bitcoin.png Tonal Bitcoin TBC 2 January 2011 SHA-256d Pegged to BTC 7,750,54.00 Active First on-chain alternative
Namecoin.png Namecoin NMC 18 April 2011 SHA-256d Mined (fixed, halving) $9.83 million 20,999,999.9769 Malfunctioning First alternative chain, bitDNS
Tenebrix TBX 25 September 2011 Scrypt Mined (fixed, halving) None 10,499,999.9769 Dead First Scrypt coin
Litecoin.png Litecoin LTC 7 October 2011 Scrypt Mined (fixed, halving) $154 million 83,999,949.9076 Active
Peercoin.png Peercoin PPC 19 August 2012 SHA-256d Mined (difficulty factor) $15.5 million Unlimited Active
Btsx.png BitSharesX BTSX 29 September 2013 BitSharesX ? $66.5 million 1,999,992,536 Active
Nxt.png Nxt NXT 29 September 2013 Nxt Forged $29.0 million 999,997,096 Active
Dogecoin.png Dogecoin DOGE 6 December 2013 Scrypt Mined (random) $12.7 million Unlimited Active Was joke, became huge
Darkcoin.png Darkcoin DRK 19 January 2014 Combo11 Mined (fixed, curve) $12.5 million 18.4 million (estimate) Active
Monero.png Monero XMR 18 April 2014 CryptoNight Mined (random, smooth) $6.27 million 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 Active
Maid.png MaidSafeCoin MAID 22 April 2014 Mastercoin Purchased $8.54 million 452,552,412 Active

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