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Bitcoin Knots (formerly Bitcoin LJR and Bitcoin Next-Test) is a derivative of Bitcoin Core primarily maintained by Luke Dashjr.

Bitcoin Knots can be used as a desktop client for regular payments or as a server utility for merchants and other payment services.

Current version

The current version can be found at the official Bitcoin Knots website


  • Implementation of a bitcoin full node. Provides trustless validation that all of bitcoin's consensus rules are being followed.
  • Has an RPC interface allowing developers to interface with Knots and access the bitcoin currency trustlessly. (Backward compatible with Core's RPC interface.)
  • Has a GUI frontend, allowing ordinary users to use bitcoin with full validation.
  • Compatibility with Linux (both GNOME and KDE), Mac OS X and Windows.
  • All functionality of Bitcoin Core, and more.
  • Multiple unit support, can show subdivided bitcoins (mBTC, µBTC) for users that like large numbers, as well as Tonal Bitcoin units on systems with Tonal support.

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