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First examples of bitcoins being accepted for various goods and services and other notable first occurrences. See discussion for more regarding what is suitable here.

 Event Date  Event
2009-01-12 First bitcoin transaction[1] on the network. From Satoshi to Hal Finney[2].
2009-10-12 First trade of bitcoin for fiat currency [3]. Sirius sold 5,050 BTC to NewLibertyStandard for $5.02 on PayPal [4].
2010-05-17 First recorded purchase of a good (pizza). Cost 10,000 BTC.[5]
2011-03-21 First travel using only Bitcoin to survive[6]
2011-01-06 Guy pays random guy for work performed (holding a sign on a busy intersection)[7]
2011-05-09 First physical bitcoins[8]
2011-05-12 First room for rent for Bitcoin[9]
2011-05-17 First stripper being tipped bitcoin[10]
2011-05-27 Buying aircraft for BTC[11]
2011-06-01 SF Chiropractor accepts BTC for office visits[12]
2011-06-04 First real estate offered for Bitcoin. A beach condo[13] and a house[14] were offered within hours of each other.
2011-10-30 First Bitcoin mining on an in-flight airplane using wifi. Unknown if any Bitcoins were actually created in flight[15]
2011-12-19 First TV story based on Bitcoin[16]
2012-02-16 Auto title loan for bitcoins requested[17]
2012-03-07 First transaction including a P2SH-compatible address.
2012-03-24 First property management accepts bitcons for rent[18]. Over 100 commercial and residential properties
2012-03-27 First printed Bitcoin magazine is announced and then followed by photos[19][20]
2012-03-28 Amateur Adult Entertainers use Bitcoin for tips[21]
2012-03-29 Bitcoin-only Credit Default Swap (CDS)[22]
2012-04-19 US Based exchange gets Federally licensed as a MSB[23][24]
2012-04-20 gets licensed as a MSB[25]
2012-04-25 First Music album sold for bitcoins exclusively – Before being sold on iTunes[26]
2012-04-26 First WebCam site to accept Bitcoins[27]. Bitcoins accepted as an alternative payment. Entertainer payouts are not in Bitcoin.
2012-04-29 First Bitcoin only live webcam site[28]. Bitcoin tips go directly to entertainers. Site operates on tips.
2012-05-01 Bitcoin Magazine[29][30]
2012-05-01 Race horse named after Satoshi[31][32]
2012-05-09 First formal risk assessment by a government agency[33]
2012-05-09 Sold San Francisco Bridge[34]. Another traditional first for a new currency. (likely not authentic)
2012-05-18 First Bitcoin class in a public school[35]. It was a 4th grade class
2012-06-06 First Bitcoin donations to contribute to a successful anti-corrupt local government political campaign[36]. Travis Kiger, running against a Fullerton City counsel that turned a blind eye to the death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of their local police department, promoted the use of Bitcoin to fund his campaign and won the councel seat for his district.
2012-07-23 First car producers offer their vehicle for Bitcoin[37]. WikiSpeed is a Seattle based corporation that manufactures open source modular cars that get 100 MPG and accept Bitcoin as payment
2012-08-06 First Bitcoin lawsuit[38]. Brian Cartmell filed a lawsuit against Bitcoinica, a former Bitcoin margin trading platform that got hacked and hasen't returned customers' funds.
2012-08-24 First private medical practice accepts Bitcoin[39]. It's a dentist in Finland.
2012-09-14 First warrant to seize Bitcoins[40]. U.S. Secret Service seizing Michael M. Brown's bitcoins in the Romney Taxes For Ransom case.
2012-09-26 First Taxi service accepts Bitcoin[41] (in Herefordshire, UK.)
2012-11-15 First big[42] website[43] accepts Bitcoin. It's
2012-11-28 Bitcoin celebrates first halving day - every roughly 4 years, the reward for mining a new block, initially 50 BTC will be halved.[44]
2013-02-15 Reddit begins accepting bitcoins for purchases of Reddit Gold.
2013-02-18 Kim DotCom's successor to MegaUpload, Mega to accept bitcoins for payment.
2013-02-19 Silver parity reached. Bitcoin exchange rate at $29.65 is higher than an ounce of silver.
2013-03-18 The United States federal agency charged with enforcing laws against money laundering (FinCEN) declares that Bitcoin users are not subjects to its regulations. Miners who sell bitcoins for fiat currency must register as Money Service Business.[45]
2013-04-01 Bitcoin surpasses 100 USD.[46]
2013-04-09 Bitcoin surpasses 200 USD.[47]
2013-04-09 First instance of assets of a Bitcoin-related entity (Mt. Gox) being seized by the U.S. Government (U.S. DHS).
2013-08-22 First commissioned bitcoin painting. by Ali Spagnola. An oil painting of the bitcoin logo. A commission of $50 USD was paid to Ali in bitcoin for the painting.

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