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* [http://bitcash.cz/pool/ BTC/CZK Market Rates]
* [http://bitcash.cz/market/ BTC/CZK Market Rates]
* [http://bitcash.cz/forum/ Discussion Forums] (Czech & Slovak)
* [http://bitcash.cz/forum/ Discussion Forums] (Czech & Slovak)

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BitCash is Czech and Slovak Bitcoin portal has been founded in July 2011 by Carlos.

Its main feature is Bitcoin Exchange. Person-to-person exchange using domestic wire (czech, slovak) and SEPA transfer. Main currency market is BTC/CZK (CZK = Czech crowns). Supported is also BTC/EUR.

It uses banks API for quick transactions, which can be completed under 10 minutes.

Is located in Prague, Czech republic. It features bitcoin exchange, discussion forums, bitcoin wallet and payment gateway.

This is currently the only Czech Bitcoin Discussion Group (with more than 5000 users).

Historically BitCash was also running zero-fee proportional mining pool (since 07/2011 till 02/2013). This was stopped due to high competition and difficulty rise.