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IndustryBitcoin exchange
FoundedJanuary 27, 2014
Defunctc. 2014

1WBE is a smaller exchange that was shut down quite early, approximately, around May 2012. As per quote from Bitcointalk: Hi All

I [Andre Jensen] no longer have full control over the exchange site, a update on the recovery of all exchange member funds, recent correspondence with our banks and the banking ombudsman is the bank is entitled to hold all exchange funds as they were fraudulently taken from bank accounts across the country and deposited into my exchange account, the source of the fraud activity came from Germany a i can't tell you much more than that.

This being said Chris has the only funds (assets) of the exchange, they will need to be returned to the exchange members.

Thanks Andre

I will be online for the next hour to answer any questions


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