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//The purpose of this script is to allow users to easily tag images with the appropriate license tag.
//Upon installing this script, a button will appear to the left of your username in the upper-right-hand corner.
//Clicking on the link will immediately and automatically edit the page.
//The edit will replace EVERYTHING with a section header labeled "licensing", the selected license, and a relevant category.
//This script was taken from the English Wikipedia. Its authors are:
///Misza13 originally created this script
///Voyagerfan5761 performed some minor improvements
///Xenocidic updated the script to use /Status as a one word indicator
//This version has been edited by SuperHamster to suit his needs
addOnloadHook(function (){
  statusChangerConfig = {}
  statusChangerConfig.statusList = [ 'Fair Use' ];
  statusChangerConfig.statusPage = wgPageName;
  //Add the links
  for (var i=0; i<statusChangerConfig.statusList.length; i++) {
    var stat = statusChangerConfig.statusList[i];
      "p-personal", //target tab - personal links
      wgServer + wgScript + "?title=" + statusChangerConfig.statusPage + "&action=edit&newstatus=" + stat, //link URL
      stat, //link text
      "pt-status-" + stat, //id of new button
      "License " + "as " + stat, //hover text
      "", //???
      document.getElementById("pt-userpage")); //add before logout button
  if (location.href.indexOf("&action=edit&newstatus=") == -1) return; //Are we here to auto-edit the status?
  //Get new status
  statusRegExp = /&action=edit&newstatus=(.*)/;
  var status = statusRegExp.exec(location.href)[1];
  //Modify the form
  document.getElementById('wpTextbox1').value = "{{sub" + "st:User:SuperHamster/Fairuse}}";
  document.getElementById('wpSummary').value = "Adding licensing information (" + stat + ")";
  document.getElementById('wpMinoredit').checked = false;
  //Submit it!