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Suspicious minds

Could you please explain what you found suspicious about my Brainwallet edits?

Same Ryan Castelluci from DEFCON talk?

First, if you're the same Ryan from the DEFCON talk on Brainwallets, thanks for publishing your research and increasing awareness of the issues. Your talk was one of the inspirations for adding Warpwallet to BitKey.

However if you're the same Ryan that leaves me confused, because you recommended Warpwallet yourself in your talk, and you should know the Warpwallet challenge for an unsalted 8 character password lasted for 2.5 years before it expired.

Do you disagree that using Warpwallet with a strong passphrase (e.g., eight diceware words) and an e-mail salt would provide very good security, unlike bitaddress-style brainwallets of old?

The problem with trusting RNGs to generate your wallet keys are very real: