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Your trolling on Tonal Bitcoin is not appreciated. I suggest you review the wiki's about/policy; particularly make note that:

  • "Tonal bitcoin" is Bitcoin, but... - Which is why it is on-topic for the wiki, unlike other altcoins.
  • These is almost no information about tonal bitcoin available on the web. - This wiki is just as relevant to the web as any random altcoin website, and this wiki explicitly permits and encourages original content and original research, unlike Wikipedia which is merely an encyclopedia.

If you dislike that the list of alternative cryptocurrencies page is listed in order of market cap, please note that I did explicitly raise my concern that this ordering may not be ideal for the very reason of giving undue sort order to TBC. Feel free to resort the list by some better metric. --Luke-jr (talk) 14:06, 21 August 2014 (UTC)