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:''See also: [[Tonal BitCoin]]''
:''See also: [[Tonal BitCoin]]''

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See also: Tonal BitCoin

Please note, that all numbers of RBC and its divisions/multipliers are written in Greek numerals not decimal. They are also written in radians, so one Radial BitCoin (RBC) is equal to 2π BTC. The letter π can mean either 80 or 3.1415...you take your pick. This means that instead of counting 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-- you count: α/2π, β/2π, γ/2π, δ/2π, ε/2π, στ/2π, ζ/2π, η/2π, θ/2π, ι/2π. Some higher-value digits may require speaking an ancient language.

Unit BTC RBC Pronunciation
RBCᵇ 0.00062832 0.000α BitCoin-σκονή
RBCᵐ 0.00628319 0.00α BitCoin-λεπτάκι
RBCˢ 0.06283185 0.0α BitCoin-λεπτό
RBCᵗ 0.62831853 0.α BitCoin-κομμάτι
RBC 6.28318531 α BitCoin*
ᵗRBC 62.8318531 ι Πόδηλο BitCoin
ˢRBC 628.318531 ρ' Όχημα Bitcoin
ᵐRBC 6283.18531 ιρ' Γύρο-BitCoin
ᵇRBC 62831.8531 ρρ' Αέρο-BitCoin
62.8318.531 ρρρρ' Ατομικό-BitCoin

* Radial BitCoin and Decimal BitCoin can be differentiated by the pronunciation of the numbers. If they make sense in English, they are normal BitCoins. If it's all Greek to you, then they are Radial Bitcoins.

The total number of Radial BitCoins ever (analogous to the 21mil BTC) is just over αβγδεζηθι' Bitcoin.