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'''Wedding Photo Books That Will Wow Everyone'''
The two key factors in creating [http://www.moderngreetings.com/holiday-photo-books '''Wedding Photo Books  '''] that will wow everyone are planning and follow through. With the right planning and follow through you can do it, even if all of this is totally new to you.
When you think about it, the same two key factors are necessary for the wedding and everything else that surrounds it. Without planning and follow through the bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and any other wedding related event would not go well.
The only difference between all the other wedding events and wedding photo books is that all of the other events could not happen without planning, but wedding photo books can, and do every day. The wedding is over. Lots of pictures were taken, either by a wedding photographer or family and friends. You go out and buy a wedding photo album.  You put the pictures in it, and voila, you have your wedding photo book.
Consider what a difference a little planning and follow through can make, as opposed to just letting it happen.
If it's not too late, you may want to give some thought to other wedding related occasions. Some ladies like including pictures of their engagement party, the bachelorette and bachelor parties, the bridal shower, wedding, and the reception. Some enjoy adding pictures of their honeymoon as well. Use your imagination. It's your wedding [http://www.moderngreetings.com/holiday-photo-books '''Photo Book '''], and you can include whatever you want to.
With some forethought and planning, be sure to note any meaningful pictures and captions you may want to add to your book. Remember, written plans and follow through are the keys. Have friends or family help you with the picture taking. Just make sure that they're digital, for ease of transferring them to your computer and then into your online photo [http://www.moderngreetings.com/holiday-photo-books '''Book '''], and make sure that they take plenty of them (20-30 each). Also note any specific posed shots that you know you would want to be a part of this special photo book.
One of the most important rules to keep in mind whenever you're creating any kind of photo book is to have an ample number of photos to pick from. Most of us don't make our living as professional photographers, but taking enough pictures can offset that. You may use 80% of the pros pictures and only 20% of yours, which means that you need to take four times more pictures if you're not a pro. Do that and you'll have more than enough good ones to make a wedding photo book that will wow everyone, without exception.
Your well conceived picture taking and interesting caption notes, combined with an online company that has the technology to do all the hard part for you is the important follow through that it takes to create the wow factor. This will not be your average wedding photo book. Hand this one to a friend and they will think that you just handed them a very expensive hard linen covered book, but when they open it and see your pictures elegantly displayed throughout, with well written text in a beautiful and stylish font, they will go wow!

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