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In-depth explanation of Tor

Bincoin, mIRC, and Firefox over Tor

Get a copy of Tor

The fastest way to use Tor on Windows is to get one of the Bundles. All are available at [1] The Browser Bundle contains a copy of Firefox already configured to use Tor. The .exe's are self-extracting archives. You can install wherever you want.

Configure Bitcoin

Configuring Bitcoin is straightforward. Open the Settings menu and click Options. Check the box labeled Connect though socks4 proxy. The default proxy IP and port are the correct settings for using Tor.

Configure mIRC

In mIRC, go to Tools > Options > Firewall Change firewall support to "both," and the protocol to Socks5. Change the Hostname to or "localhost" and change the port to 9050.

Start Tor

In the Tor Browser folder that you installed Tor in earlier, there should be a file called Start Tor Browser.exe Run it. The Vidalia Control Panel will open, displaying the status of the Tor connection. It will connect to Tor. When it's done, it will launch its copy of Firefox Important: If you exit the copy of Firefox that it launches, Vidalia will automatically shut down.

Restart Bitcoin and mIRC

To ensure that these programs are actually connecting via Tor, close and reopen them.


Guide to using tor with freenode: Tor exit nodes are banned from connecting to Freenode directly, so Freenode's Tor hidden service address must be used: irc://p4fsi4ockecnea7l.onion/