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Putting suspense back into gambling!

LuckyBit combines some exciting features in a unique new game:

  • there is a suspense, a thrill in seeing your bet develop in front of your eyes
  • the game experience is shared, everyone can see all bets developing live
  • there is a tangible, visual experience: we have put a lot of efforts in the design to create a rich, immersive graphical experience
  • a unique concept of lottery going on continuously on the chat: by just chatting on LuckyBit you get significant amounts of coins

Additionally, LuckyBit shares some advantages with some other games:

  • provably fair
  • instant payout
  • you always receive a meaningful amount in return
  • chat box
  • no registration and no insecure url to remember
  • no player funds on site
  • simplicity and ease of use
  • no software required (HTML5/CSS3 in browser)

Lb screenshot.jpeg

What other players say

Simply the best gambling game on the internet. WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!
Very nice idea/game.
Good looking site!


I love the falling coins.
I'm really enjoying the site.
Fast, efficient and you get at least 20% back and the design is cool, I know why this website is exploding


Awesome promos!

LuckyBit runs regularly awesome promotions, such as the CRAZY HOUR or the epic LuckyBit miner lottery. Check our forum thread for regular announcements of new promotions!

The LuckyBit collector's miner

Chat lottery!

On LuckyBit, you can win bitcoins just by hanging out in the chat! The lotto bot regularly wakes up and sends bitcoins to active participants!


LuckyBit never stores any player funds. That means that we're 100% secure for you - what we don't have, we can't lose!


LuckyBit offers provably fair bitcoin gambling that could be verified anytime to insure legitimacy and fair game play. We even provide you with an open-source program to verify your bets!


We offer excellent support - we never lost any customer's fund, and we usually reply after a few minutes. Contact us via:

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