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Things to improve


Learned from late thefts, people will really want easier ways to keep their coins safe. It can be done by discarding the single-wallet paradigm bitcoin is using.

Users need:

  • Separate wallets and ways to transfers between them
  • Easy encryption (with readymade tools) and access of encrypted wallets
  • Wallets on memory sticks
  • Possibly yet, an external memory device that can sign transactions with user's approval

Convenience with ecommerce sites

How people will use bitcoins? They spend them on whatever things they want ex. fuckbuddies and cookies. Buying things is quite common, and you need an easy way to do so.

In simplest form you'll want to catch link clicks on btc://destaddress/amt and ask for user permissions unless an external hardware does that for him.

Another thing is to verify different escrowing services work well with it all. You might want to consider for embedding into browser as an one choice.

Transaction updates

Many clients would like to know whether their sent transaction has been confirmed or if they've themselves gotten something. For this it'd be perhaps good to always have a coin node running on background, with the client just doing rpc calls on it to get information to show.


So to make sure I understand ... the purpose of this article is for there to be a place to collect wishlist items that a bitcoin client would offer? - Sgornick 16:58, 17 June 2011 (GMT)

- No, I created it for my Bitcoin Client which is called "Simple Bitcoin Client", but it isn't actually released yet. However someone added some suggestions on the talk page. AJF