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RE: best practices in ECMAScript: Just converting to base units doesn't magically fix the issues; if I have 1.0BTC == 100000000.0 base units and I need to divide that value into three equal pieces, I'm going to run into issues whether the result is 0.3333333.... or 3333333.33333...

And the fixes are the same: either round to the nearest .0000001 or to the nearest 1 before display, etc.

The real solution is not to write money-handling code in ECMAScript. Sdfdsafsaff 23:15, 10 June 2011 (GMT)

For Ruby I think the syntax is:

(f * 1e8).round.to_f / 1e8



Since the value is already in ECMAScript's native representation, why would you use a conversion function?