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! Archive link
! Archive link
! Notes
! Notes
|[https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/b1nrd2/andrew_chow_partially_signed_bitcoin_transactions/ Andrew Chow: Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions]
|[https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/bklyrq/rbitcoin_recap_april_2019/ r/Bitcoin recap - April 2019]
|[https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/aq7u5h/video_matt_corallo_better_hashing_through/ Video: Matt Corallo - Better Hashing Through BetterHash]

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The subreddit r/bitcoin is one of the largest bitcoin communities on the internet. As of December 2018 it has more than 1,000,000 subscribers.

Since around Late 2017 the moderators have stickied selected threads to the top of the forum. Generally threads which are high-effort, important or which might not have gotten many upvotes. They are aimed to counteract the trend of reddit's voting system making only low-effort content visible. If you have any suggestions for content then private message the r/bitcoin moderators.

Note that sometimes threads are unstickied and then stickied again, so the date stickied cant be used to find the duration the thread was up. Archive links alongside are preferable as backups. This list may be incomplete.

Old stickied threads on r/bitcoin
Date Stickied Link Archive link Notes
2019-05-06 Andrew Chow: Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions
2019-05-05 r/Bitcoin recap - April 2019
2019-04-28 Video: Matt Corallo - Better Hashing Through BetterHash
2019-04-24 This Key Part Of Bitcoin's History Is What Separates It From Competitors
2019-04-17 Stickied r/bitcoin threads
2019-04-15 We are Blockstream and we recently released the newly redesigned Green wallet available for Android and iOS! Ask us anything!
2019-04-10 Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #41 - help testing release candidates of Bitcoin Core (0.18) and LND (0.6), notable code changes, useful infos for developers implementing Bech32, and more
2019-04-07 Electrum servers are under DDoS by a large botnet. Do not get scammed downloading some alternative version!
2019-04-01 r/Bitcoin recap - March 2019
2019-03-20 Andrew Poelstra: Implementing Compact Threshold MuSig Signatures
2019-03-11 Bitcoin Optech: documentation, newsletters, and original research helping businesses use Bitcoin more efficiently
2019-03-01 r/Bitcoin recap - February 2019
2019-02-25 Time to fire up a million angry kitt3hs again: California legislators launch an assault against bitcoin ownership for the fourth time since 2015 (bitlicense has never passed in CA) - this time the zombie returns as AB 1489. Kill it with Fire.
2019-02-06 Electrum Targeted Phishing & Malware Warning
2019-02-04 Maybe /r/Bitcoin should pin the Electrum phishing warning for a longer period?
2019-02-03 r/Bitcoin recap - January 2019
2019-01-28 Unconfiscatable Conference Livestream
2019-01-23 On-Chain Contracts: Adam Gibson talks about fungibility, privacy and coinjoin (30 min watch time)
2019-01-13 SIGHASH NOINPUT (BIP118) - Bryan Bishop
2019-01-05 An overview of Bitcoin Core architecture - James O'Beirne
2019-01-02 Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #27: 2018 Year-in-Review Special
2019-01-01 r/Bitcoin recap - December 2018
2018-12-29 If you use Electrum, in case you get a error message that tells you to update please ignore (ongoing phishing attack).
2018-12-23 Proof of Keys / Proof of Trust / Bitcoin Independence Day
2018-12-19 Single-address website-generated "Paper wallets" are bad and dangerous, and should not be used
2018-12-05 Beginner’s Guide to ️⚡Lightning️⚡ on a Raspberry Pi
2018-12-02 r/Bitcoin recap - November 2018
2018-11-28 Price of Bitcoin AMA: I’m Emiliano Pagnotta, Assistant Professor of Finance at Imperial College Business School. I have recently published a research paper titled ‘Bitcoin As Decentralized Money: Prices, Mining Rewards, and Network Security’. AMA! (Live at 10am ET, Wed 28 Nov 2018)
2018-11-24 Beginner’s Guide to ️⚡Lightning️⚡ on a Raspberry Pi
2018-11-15 Bitcoin Is Worse Is Better - Blog post by gwern
2018-11-08 Building p2sh.info - London Bitcoin Devs
2018-10-31 (Privacy) Wasabi Wallet 1.0 Is Finally Released!
2018-10-31 Planting Bitcoin - Gardening (4/4)
2018-10-22 Shelling Out: The Origins of Money - Essay by Nick Szabo
2018-10-14 Getting Started with BTCPay Server - Free and Open Source Bitcoin and Lightning Network payment processor
2018-10-06 "Scaling Bitcoin 2018" conference in Tokyo - videos and slides of the presentations
2018-10-02 Videos from Baltic Honeybadger 2018 :)
2018-10-01 r/Bitcoin recap - September 2018
2018-09-21 New info escalates importance: upgrading to 0.16.3 is REQUIRED
2018-09-17 Bisq - the decentralized exchange
2018-09-15 PoW is Efficient – Dan Held
2018-09-10 How to reduce bandwidth usage by 88% - Writeup of the blocksonly mode by gmaxwell
2018-09-03 Scriptless Scripts: How Bitcoin Can Support Smart Contracts Without Smart Contracts
2018-08-24 MtGox Civil Rehabilitation claims now open. EVERYONE WHO CLAIMED IN THE PAST MUST CLAIM AGAIN.
2018-08-15 To everyone rushing back into BTC from altcoins: What matters is that you learn why Bitcoin needs to be conservative in its development.
2018-08-11 r/Bitcoin's main chatroom just passed 5000 members. Join us!
2018-08-02 I work for a professional crypto trading firm. Ask me (almost) anything!
2018-08-02 r/Bitcoin has been testing reddit's new chatroom functionality for the past few months. Most people joining didn't even realize they exist! Come say hello if you haven't already!
2018-08-02 r/Bitcoin recap - July 2018
2018-07-31 The Long Road to Segwit - One Year On
2018-07-22 Taproot, and Schnorr, and SIGHASH_NOINPUT, oh my!
2018-07-25 It's over 900,000!!!!!! /r/Bitcoin passes 900k subscribers.
2018-07-25 AMA Venezuela (Hyperinflation/Economy/Crisis/Government Talk)
2018-07-20 Tankred Hase of Lightning Labs & Rene Pickhardt - "Lightning App" demo & protocol discussion
2018-07-10 Current State and The Future of Wallets - Jonas Schnelli [Building on Bitcoin 2018]
2018-07-08 Assets on Bitcoin (RBG Protocol) - Giacomo Zucco [Building on Bitcoin 2018]
2018-07-06 Bootstrapping LN: What have we learned? - Fabrice Drouin (ACINQ) [Building on Bitcoin 2018]
2018-07-05 On the State of Merchant Adoption - Sergej Kotliar (bitrefill.com) [Building on Bitcoin 2018]
2018-07-04 Building on Bitcoin Conference Livestream - Day 2
2018-07-02 r/Bitcoin recap - June 2018
2018-06-26 Baltic Honeybadger 2018 Bitcoin conference, Sep 22-23
2018-06-23 Lightning network submarine swaps
2018-06-12 Paid 1 satoshi to paint 1 pixel == lightning is awesome!
2018-05-31 Saifedean Ammous: The Bitcoin Standard - book presentation in Vienna, Austria
2018-05-25 Electrum Personal Server beta release
2018-05-21 Chris Belcher: JoinMarket (bitcoin dev meet-up presentation)
2018-05-16 Learn Bitcoin with this Free Sixty-Video Course [Annotated Playlist]
2018-05-14 The Current State of Cryptocurrency Mining (and why ASIC-resistant approaches do not work)
2018-05-11 A simplified lecture on how Script works. (1 hour, 5 mins)
2018-05-10 Decompiling the "Electrum Pro" stealware
2018-05-02 Lightning User Experience: A Day in the Life of Carol
2018-05-01 r/Bitcoin recap - April 2018
2018-04-29 Video: A Deep Dive into Lit: A Lightning Network Implementation (SF Bitcoin developers)
2018-04-24 Exploring the Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) 0.4 Beta Release (by @Roasbeef)
2018-04-23 You can buy Reddit Gold with Bitcoin again!
2018-04-20 Benedikt Bünz : Bulletproofs
2018-04-17 Bitcoin Data Science (Pt. 1): HODL Waves
2018-04-16 Hi r/Bitcoin. I’m Emiliano Pagnotta, Assistant Professor of Finance at Imperial College Business School. I just published a research paper on the fundamental value and the price of Bitcoin (see link). I’m holding an AMA on the topic here on Mon 16 April at 11am ET
2018-04-15 How to create a secure Bitcoin cold wallet
2018-04-14 We made Bulletproofs twice as fast with Rust and Ristretto
2018-04-01 r/Bitcoin recap - March 2018
2018-03-25 The many traditions of non-governmental money (part i) - Nick Szabo (new blog post)
2018-03-19 MIT Bitcoin Expo 2018 - Day 2
2018-03-15 ⚡️Announcing LND 0.4-beta ⚡️
2018-03-14 New Zero Knowledge Proof by Pieter Wuille, Andrew Poelstra, and Benedikt Bünz
2018-03-01 r/Bitcoin recap - February 2018
2018-02-28 Social Attacks on Decentralization - Alyse Killeen (Breaking Bitcoin 2017)
2018-02-24 Why running a node is important
2018-02-18 Lightning Network and Discreet Log Contracts - Thaddeus Dryja
2018-02-12 Advances in Block Propagation - Greg Maxwell
2018-02-09 Bulletproofs presentation at Feb 2 Milan Meetup (Andrew Poelstra)
2018-02-08 Graftroot: Private and efficient surrogate scripts under the taproot assumption (Gregory Maxwell)
2018-02-08 Electrum Personal Server - The best way to connect your hardware wallet to your full node
2018-02-06 AMP: Atomic Multi-Path Payments over Lightning
2018-02-05 Understanding Payment Channels
2018-02-04 Giacomo Zucco - BITCOIN: Political Attack Vectors and Common Misconceptions
2018-02-03 Game Theory and Network Attacks: How to Destroy Bitcoin - Max Fang - BPASE '18
2018-02-02 [Video Presentation Bulletproofs - Benedikt Bünz]
2018-02-01 We are three CPAs ready to answer your tax-related cryptocurrency questions. Ask Us Anything…
2018-02-01 r/Bitcoin recap - January 2018
2018-01-31 Schnorr signatures for Bitcoin: challenges and opportunities - Pieter Wuille - BPASE '18
2018-01-31 Hardening Lightning - Olaoluwa Osuntokun (roasbeef) - BPASE '18
2018-01-29 Exciting Overview of 24 Pending Softfork and P2P Improvements
2018-01-26 Deanonymization Risks on Lightning Network
2018-01-12 Please help me test my Lightning wallet
2018-01-10 MAST: a new data structure that enables smaller transaction sizes, improved privacy, and more complex smart contracts in Bitcoin.
2018-01-07 Critical Electrum vulnerability
2018-01-06 ⚡ Lightning Network Megathread ⚡
2018-01-03 Keep an Eye Out for These Bitcoin Tech Trends in 2018 - Aaron van Wirdum
2018-01-02 What are Channel Factories and how they work
2018-01-01 r/Bitcoin recap - December 2017
2017-12-30 Bulletproofs: Enabling Zero-knowledge transactions in Bitcoin
2017-12-27 Long live decentralized bitcoin(!) A reading list
2017-12-17 ZeroLink: Massive scale CoinJoin (end-to-end privacy solution) is about to be deployed - participate in the final test and earn $10
2017-12-16 An in-depth overview of different mobile wallets
2017-12-16 MAPS Receives $1,000,000 in Bitcoin from the Pineapple Fund
2017-12-14 We really need to start pushing for SegWit support. Stop waiting for the Lightning Network to fix everything.
2017-12-12 The End of Life of a Sidechain – Chris Stewart – Medium
2017-12-07 07/Dec/2017 /r/Bitcoin reaches 500,000 subscribers
2017-12-06 Video: ⚡️ Cross-Implementation Lightning Payment on Bitcoin's Mainnet ⚡️
2017-12-04 [Livestream - Latin America Bitcoin Conference 2017]
2017-12-01 Sick of the price threads? - [bitcoin-dev Two Drivechain BIPs]
2017-12-01 r/bitcoin recap - November 2017
2017-12-01 🎉Watch Party🎉 - The Big Bang Theory - Accuracy/Predictions/General Discussion
2017-11-30 Don't invest recklessly