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ACH transactions incur no fees.  Most other transctions incur fees<ref>[ttp://www.serve.com/legal.aspx#Services_and_Charges Fee schedule Fee schedule]</ref>.
ACH transactions incur no fees.  Most other transctions incur fees<ref>[http://www.serve.com/legal.aspx#Services_and_Charges Fee schedule Fee schedule]</ref>.
==See Also==
==See Also==

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An e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet or with a Serve payment (debit) card.

When sending money using Serve a purchase can be funded from an existing Serve balance, using a credit card or from a linked bank account. When receiving money, all funds received are added to your Serve account balance.

Funds may be deposited into an Serve account through a linked bank account (ACH). Funds may be withdrawn from a Serve account and transferred (ACH) to your bank account, withdrawn by check or withdrawn at an ATM using the Serve payment card.

Serve is provided by American Express and was launched in March, 2011[1].


ACH transactions incur no fees. Most other transctions incur fees[2].

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