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{{advert}}[https://satoshibet.com/ SatoshiBet Bitcoin Casino] is a popular Bitcoin Casino played straight in your browser. No registration (complete anonymity). No downloads (flash or java) required. Instant (0 confirmation) deposits. Just visit & play. This makes it one of the easiest casinos to play on.
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== Casino ==
* [https://satoshibet.com/ Bitcoin Roulette]
** Single Zero Roulette wheel
** Min Bet of 0.001BTC, Max bet of 3BTC
** Provably Fair!
* [https://satoshibet.com/ Bitcoin Blackjack]
** Blackjack pays 3:2
** Dealer hits soft 17
** Can double after split
** Can double on any first two cards
** Split to up to 4 hands
** Can resplit aces
** Can not hit split aces
** Dealer does not peek
** Provably Fair!
* [https://satoshibet.com/ Card Game Casino War]
** One card is dealt to you and one to the dealer.
** If your card is a higher value than the dealer’s, you win!
** If your card is the same value as the dealer’s, you get the chance to go to ‘War’ and try to beat the dealer with a second card.
** Provably Fair!
* [https://satoshibet.com/ Lucky 7 Bitcoin Slot Machine]
** Whopping 99.6% Return To Player. This makes it one the most profitable slot machines in all of Bitcoin land.
** Featuring a Progressive Jackpot, it grows every time anyone plays
** Autospin feature, makes the game spin by itself while you can watch.
** Provably Fair!
== Security ==
They take the highest security measures to guarantee you a safe gaming environment, among them:
* All data is sent over an SSL encrypted tunnel.
* Offline wallets to store excess funds.
* All games are Provably Fair. You can verify the absolute randomness of each shuffle yourself.
== HTML5 Technology ==
All games are completely played in your browser using latest HTML5 technologies. This means:
* No downloads whatsoever (no flash, java, ..), just visit and instantly start playing.
* No registration required, you will receive a unique link that serves as your private account upon depositing. We guarantee you complete anonymity.
* [http://www.bitcoincasinopro.com/reviews/satoshibet/ SatoshiBet Rating] A+
* [http://bitcoinchaser.com/satoshibet-review SatoshiBet Review] Full casino review with final rating of A+
* [http://www.bitcoincasinoreviews.org/satoshibet-review/ Another SatoshiBet Review] BitcoinCasinoReviews.org rated this site 3.1 out of 5 stars
* [http://www.bestbitcoincasino.com/review/satoshi-bet/ SatoshiBet Review] Satoshi Bet offers two games: Casino War as well as Lucky 7
* [http://www.bestbitcoinroulette.com/review/satoshibet/ SatoshiBet]
==External Links==
* [https://satoshibet.com/ SatoshiBet Bitcoin Casino] Website
* [https://twitter.com/satoshibet SatoshiBet Twitter]
* [https://www.facebook.com/satoshibet SatoshiBet Facebook]
* [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=153003.0 SatoshiBet Casino Topic] on bitcointalk.org

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