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Poolin Wallet is a blockchain-based wallet that supports multi-cryptocurrency custody and provides various types of financial investment products, available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OSX.


  • Based on the high-performance, distributed decentralized blockchain network Mixin Network.
  • Double transport layer encryption to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks such as CDN and cloud service providers.
  • Encryption mechanism of FIPS140-2 Level3 or CC EAL 4+ above.

Financial Resources

  • The professional investment research team:
    • Core members from expert fund management institutions, securities companies, and investment banks.
    • With an average working experience of more than 10 years, possessed profound industry experience in crypto assets investment.
    • Own industry-leading research capabilities and the global vision.
  • Backed by global financial institutions:
    • Genesis
    • BlockFi
    • Cyber<x>


  • Wallet: Dozens of crypto wallets and multiple address creation are supported.
  • Basic Functions: Deposit, Send and Transfer
  • Loan: Flexi-term loan and fixed-term loan with adjustable LTV.
  • Save to earn products: Flexi-term earn, fixed-term earn, structured earn, and DeFi.
  • Mars project: Earn BTC/ETH mining yields and governance token Mars rewards by purchasing and staking the decentralized and standardized hashrate certificates.
  • Leverage: Flexible leverage from 1x-3x for the long and short positions available with up to 90% liquidation risk rate.
  • Put Options: Obtain rights to hedge against BTC/ETH downside risk with multiple maturity and strike price available.
  • Mutual Wallet: Convenient for multiple people to co-manage the same account assets.
  • Standardized Mining: Provide mining service from mining rigs purchasing, hosting to the operation of a mining pool with one click.


The Poolin Wallet was launched in December 2019 by the POOLIN TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. which is headquartered in Singapore with offices worldwide.

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