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==See Also==
==See Also==
* [[poclbm-mod-gui]]
* [[Bitcoin Pool]] server
* [[Bitcoin Pool]] server
* m0mchill's [[poclbm]] miner
* m0mchill's [[poclbm]] miner

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A highly efficient, modified version of m0mchill's poclbm miner.

The modifications improve efficiency when used in a mining pool, and currently the only mining pool that shows you your efficiency is Bitcoin Pool. m0mchill's poclbm miner will quit searching a getwork when it either finds an answer or when the askrate is reached, which is not at all efficient. Currently m0mchill's miner averages around 20% efficiency depending on your video card, while poclbm-mod averages around 100% efficiency. poclbm-mod will continue working through a getwork until it has finished the entire work. Many getwork's from the pool server will contain more than one answer, which would be skipped with m0mchill's poclbm.

Screenshot and explanation of the output:


Proof that more than 1 answer can be found in a single getwork and of how efficient this miner is compared to the regular poclbm can be found at Found-Shares page over at Bitcoin Pool.com.

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