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PLAYTIN - Casino · Exchange · Wallet · Trading is a browser-based site using Bitcoins as a currency.

We offer a wide variety of games and new games are added on a regular basis.

We leverages the capabilities of modern HTML5 browsers. There is no need to download anything or install closed source software or even use exploit-loaded Flash technology. PLAYTIN works best on Chrome or a recent version of Firefox.

All games are provably fair. The outcome of each game is determined by a server secret and a player provided client secret. This ensures that we cannot predict or change the outcome of any single game.

To protect all data that is transferred over the internet we utilize 256 bit HTTPS encryption.


  • Anonymous
  • Built-in mixer
  • Instant and free user to user transfers (off-chain transactions) or coins and assets
  • No fees
  • Two-factor authentication - to further protect your account you can enable Google Authenticator (Android Phones Apple Phones)

Coin Exchange

  • Trade crypto-currencies
  • Very low fees (0.1%)

Asset Trading

  • Trade assets
  • Register own assets (coming soon)
  • Invest in PLAYTIN


  • Bitter Lemon - Multiply your stake, but beware of the lemons, they taste very bitter.
  • Crazy Dice - Our very own special version of the popular dice game.
  • Easy Hold'em Poker - The easy version of the famous Texas Hold'em poker game.
  • Jacks Or Better - Video Poker with 99.8% payout rate
  • Keno - The well known lottery game
  • Let It Ride - Our own kind of the common casino game.
  • Red Dog - Also known as red dog poker or yablon, a traditional card game.
  • Red and Blue - A game about doubles, poison and of course, the winning color.
  • Roulette - A single zero wheel roulette.


  • Bitcoin can be used as mBTC (milli Bitcoins). For example a value of 0.325BTC is displayed as 325.
  • All Games can be played for free by switching to training mode.
  • The minimum bet amount is 1 mBTC / 1 cLTC. The maximum bet amount depends on the game.


  • The registration is completely anonymous, no e-mail address is required
  • Quick account - by using a quick account the URL contains a key to your account.
  • Normal account - normal account work on a username/password pair.
  • Google account - you can login using your Google account.
  • Mozilla Persona account - you can login using your Mozilla Persona account.
  • Two-factor authentication - to further protect your account you can enable Google Authenticator (Android Phones Apple Phones)


  • Deposits are instant - as soon as we see your depositing transaction (about 2 seconds) you can start to play.
  • Withdraws are usually instant - as long as we can satisfy the withdraw from the hot wallet the withdraw takes only a few seconds.

Provably Fair

  • All games are provably fair - the outcome of each game is the result of two secrets.
  • The server generates a new server secret before each play. This secret is hashed and displayed to the player.
  • The player provides a client secret. By combining both secrets the result of the game is computed.
  • It is impossible for the server to cheat because the client secret is still unknown while the server secret cannot be changed anymore.

Since the player knows the hash of the server secret before each play and can use a client secret at will, the play is actually a mathematical challenge and not random. If the player can solve the hash every play can be won highest, therefor technically there is no act of random involved.


Playtin Review A Rating

Playtin Overview 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Playtin Review Playtin is a bitcoin gambling site that affirms the popular description of being an open book.

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