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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
* [http://6fgd4togcynxyclb.onion/ Home page] Only accessible via TOR
* [http://bitmixegkuerln7q.onion Home page] Only accessible via TOR

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OnionBC is an anonymous eWallet available. It's reachable only via TOR.


  • Escrow service
  • Detailed transaction list
  • Operating as TOR hidden service
  • No logs about any user activity
  • Mixing Service


  • Only 400 receiving addresses


The wallet available from this service is considered a eWallet. To access the wallet, the user chooses a username and logs in with it. The newly created wallet is linked to this user name.

As with all eWallets, note that you are placing ultimate trust in the operator to safeguard your coins. In case of a completely anonymous service, you may have no redress whatsoever if your coins disappear for any reason.

External Links