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* Low FEES
* Low FEES (0% for BTC)
* VARDIFF stratum
* We pay all block reward (including transaction fees)
* We pay all block reward (including transaction fees)
* Simple and easy registration
* Simple and easy registration

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MuPool.com is a MultiCoin Pool. One goal of MuPool.com is to create a stable Pool with low fees in the long run. Thats why we invested a huge amount of time to create Custom Software to reach a high Stability.

Queuing Cloud

MuPool.com has a goal to reach a high uptime to provide all registered users with the best Mining Experience on the net! To reach this goal, we have been concerned with possible Hardware/Software failures that can happen without warning. That is why we invented this modular queuing system. This allows us to queue any completed work into a queuing cloud in case of failure (i.e. - networking problems, burning server, moved database, and etc.) with our main database. The completed work is queued in the cloud and then synchronized as soon as the main database goes back online.


But that is not enough: We do not even trust in our own cloud. That is why each mining server holds its own queue of work locally in the event the cloud goes offline. When the cloud goes back online, the locally queued work is synchronized with the main database. This should greatly increase the uptime of our mining system.

Multi-Coin System

On MuPool.com you are able to use one Account to mine every supported Coin, you just have to switch the mining Server.

You can always find our Supported Coins and current conditions here:



  • Low FEES (0% for BTC)
  • We pay all block reward (including transaction fees)
  • Simple and easy registration
  • One Interface for Everything
  • Idle and Stale Worker Notifications
  • Automatic and Instant Payout
  • Port 80 Stratum Server
  • 24/7 Support via email, on IRC or on our forum

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