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API Version 2:

v2 api is found at :

official docs are on  :

The requested path (anything after the /2/) must now be included when you compute your hashed signature (Rest-Sign) for added security.


This is how it was done for version 1:

You have your params(post_data) = the word nonce, followed by the actual nonce integer (params = [(u'nonce',nonce)])

You have your header made up of Rest-Key (your API-KEY) and Rest-Sign (a hashed signature)

Rest-Sign is created by doing : base64encode( HMAC hash( base64decoded(API-secret), the nonce, with SHA512 digest))

What differs in version 2 is now : BEFORE the nonce, you are adding the relative path you are requesting(ie: BTCUSD/money/ticker) + a NUL char (ascii code 0).

The URL is now something along the lines of BTCUSD/money/order/add instead of BTCUSD/private/order/add in api1.
So in my python code below which is very readable you can see everything remains the same as API v1 except now we are using api2postdatatohash = path + chr(0) + post_data #new way to hash for API 2, includes path + NUL.

BTCUSD/money/order/quote <@MagicalTux> it estimate the result of running an order at a given price based on market depth

Code Examples:

C# : C# lib for V2 API and socketIO


Perl The Perl example on the main page is compatible with v2