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HTTP API version 1 methods

Multi Currency Ticker
returns the current ticker for the selected currency :
 "high": {"value":"5.70653","value_int":"570653","display":"$5.70653","currency":"USD"},
 "low": {"value":"5.4145","value_int":"541450","display":"$5.41450","currency":"USD"},
 "avg": {"value":"5.561119626","value_int":"556112","display":"$5.56112","currency":"USD"},
 "vwap": {"value":"5.610480461","value_int":"561048","display":"$5.61048","currency":"USD"},

note : last_local include only the last trade in the selected currency, last_orig include data of the original last trade ( currency,price in currency . . . ),last can be a conversion of the last trde in another currency

Multi Currency depth

Multi currency trades

to get only the trades since a given trade id, you can add the parameter since=<trade_id>

For multi currency,also returns the primary value,"Y" or "N", the primary currency is always the buyers currency

A trade can appear in more than one currency, to ignore duplicates, use only the trades having primary =Y

example of returned data :


Cancelled Trades

returns a list of all the cancelled trades this last month, list of trade ids in json format .

Full Depth

returns full depth

Private info

returns information about your account, funds, fees, API privileges, withdraw limits . . .


Returns the idKey used to subscribe to a user's private updates channel. The key is valid for 24 hours.

Your open orders

returns information about your current open orders

Submit an order


  • type (bid|ask) (easier to remember: bid == buy, ask == sell)
  • amount_int <amount as int>
  • price_int <price as int> (can be omitted to place market order)

submits an order and returns info about success or error

Currency information

pass parameter ?currency=<currency_symbol>

returns information about a currency ( number of decimals . . . )

HOTP key

used to generate a new HOTP key ( useful for developers )


bitcoin_dealer (trading script)

python (django) :