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note : last_local include only the last trade in the selected currency, last_orig include data of the original last trade ( currency,price in currency . . . ),last can be a conversion of the last trde in another currency
'''note about prices:'''
* last_local include only the last trade in the selected currency
* last_all  is the last trade in ANY currency, converted to your currency
* last_orig include data of the original last trade ( currency,price in currency . . . ),
* last can be a conversion of the last trade in another currency
=== Multi Currency depth ===
=== Multi Currency depth ===

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ĎNote: All API methods require a valid User-Agent header.

HTTP API version 1 methods

Multi Currency Ticker

returns the current ticker for the selected currency :
 "high": {"value":"5.70653","value_int":"570653","display":"$5.70653","currency":"USD"},
 "low": {"value":"5.4145","value_int":"541450","display":"$5.41450","currency":"USD"},
 "avg": {"value":"5.561119626","value_int":"556112","display":"$5.56112","currency":"USD"},
 "vwap": {"value":"5.610480461","value_int":"561048","display":"$5.61048","currency":"USD"},

note about prices:

  • last_local include only the last trade in the selected currency
  • last_all is the last trade in ANY currency, converted to your currency
  • last_orig include data of the original last trade ( currency,price in currency . . . ),
  • last can be a conversion of the last trade in another currency

Multi Currency depth



Multi currency trades




to get only the trades since a given trade id, you can add the parameter since=<trade_id>



For multi currency,also returns the primary value,"Y" or "N", the primary currency is always the buyers currency

A trade can appear in more than one currency, to ignore duplicates, use only the trades having primary =Y

Each trade is described by a JSON structure like the following:


The meaning of each field is as follows:

Name Value
amount the traded amount in item (BTC), float, deprecated
amount_int the traded amount * 1E8
date unix timestamp of trade
item What was this trade about
price price per unit, float, deprecated
price_int price in smallest unit as integer (5 decimals of USD, 3 in case of JPY)
price_currency currency in which trade was completed
tid Trade id (big integer, which is in fact trade timestamp in microseconds)
trade_type Did this trade result from the execution of a bid or a ask?

Cancelled Trades


returns a list of all the cancelled trades this last month, list of trade ids in json format .

Full Depth


returns full depth

Private info


returns information about your account, funds, fees, API privileges, withdraw limits . . .

redeem a private key


allows you to add a private key to your account
  • parameters :

"key":code "keytype":"auto" "description":description

  • returns the btc adress and the total number of btcs in this private key



Returns the idKey used to subscribe to a user's private updates channel in the websocket API. The key is valid for 24 hours.

Your open orders


Returns information about your current open orders. Valid order statuses are: pending, executing, post-pending, open, stop, and invalid.

Your trade history


Returns all of your trades. Does not include fees.

Order result


parameters : type ( bid or ask ) and order (the order id)

returns a json array like this :

order_id: '1234234-e9ef-4b75-aa1c-90cd109d24ea',
   [ { trade_id: '1336611143363429',
       primary: 'N',
       currency: 'USD',
       type: 'ask',
       properties: 'market,mixed_currency',
       item: 'BTC',
       amount: [Object],
       price: [Object],
       date: '2012-05-10 00:52:23' } ],
   { value: '0.01000000',
     value_int: '1000000',
     display: '0.01000000 BTC',
     display_short: '0.01 BTC',
     currency: 'BTC' } }

Your wallet history


parameters : currency, type, date_start, date_end, trade_id, page

only the currency parameter is mandatory

returns a json array with your wallet history

Submit an order



  • type (bid|ask) (easier to remember: bid == buy, ask == sell)
  • amount_int <amount as int>
  • price_int <price as int> (can be omitted to place market order)

submits an order and returns info about success or error

Currency information


pass parameter ?currency=<currency_symbol>

returns information about a currency ( number of decimals . . . )

HOTP key


used to generate a new HOTP key ( useful for developers )

App activation



  • key - Activation key
  • name - Device name
  • app - App ID

used in mobile apps to obtain an API key/secret pair. Contact MagicalTux on freenode to obtain an app ID. Activation key comes from the user's account, Settings > Access > Application Access.

Merchant System

Order Creation


Required Parameters:
  • currency: <currency> (for now only BTC is supported)
  • amount: <amount as float>


  • amount_int: <amount as int>
  • return_success: <string> Where to redirect the user on payment success
  • return_failure: <string> Where to redirect the user on cancellation
Optional Parameters:
  • description: <string> A small description that will appear on the payment page (defaults to "Payment to <user_login>")
  • ipn: <string> URL that will be called by our services once the payment is complete (more below)
  • data: <string> Custom data returned by the IPN
  • transaction: <uuid> A unique transaction ID
  • payment_url: <string> URL on which to redirect the user


The IPN (Instant payment notification) is a mechanism that POST data about a successful payment an a custom URL located on your website right after the payment as been validated. It is signed with your API key. Your website is supposed then to either acknowledge the IPN by returning "[OK]" as is. Anything else will be counted as an error and the system will try sending the IPN back every 30 minutes until it succeed.


The IPN POST data will always contain the following:

  • id: <uuid> The transaction ID generated by the initial call
  • payment_id: <uuid> The payment ID
  • status: <enum> Either paid, partial, cancelled or closed (4th one shouldn't happen)

If the status is partial, the user choose to pay without a MtGox account and bitcoins where detected on the network, we then send you an IPN telling you the amount of bitcoins pending and valid, pending bitcoins have less than 6 confirmations so it is up to you to accept or not the transaction based on that value. Your merchant account will be credited only after the 6 confirmations on our end.

Additional content of the partial IPN:

  • amount_pending: <amount as int> The amount still pending confirmations
  • amount_valid: <amount as int> The amount of bitcoins for which we had 6 confirmations
  • amount_total: <amount as int> The total amount, pending and valid, on the payment address

If the status is paid:

  • amount: <amount as int> The amount paid by the user
  • currency: <currency> The currency used to pay (should always be BTC for now)
  • method: <enum> The payment method, for now MTGOXBTC
  • date: <date> The payment date

If data was provided in the initial call:

  • data: <string> The data provided when creating the transaction

IPNs are now signed with the user secret like the original query to prevent fraudulents IPNs Two headers are added to the request:

  • HTTP_REST_KEY: <uuid> The ReST key used for the query
  • HTTP_REST_SIGN: <string> The IPN signature

HTTP_REST_SIGN is a base64 encoded sha512 HMAC of the post data using your ReST secret as a key.

See below for examples:



function mtgox_is_valid_ipn() {
    $secret = '';
    $raw_post_data = file_get_contents("php://input");
    $good_sign = hash_hmac('sha512', $raw_post_data, base64_decode($secret), true);
    $sign = base64_decode($_SERVER['HTTP_REST_SIGN']);
    return ($sign == $good_sign);


bitcoin_dealer (trading script)

python (django) : https://github.com/rokj/bitcoin_dealer

magento mtgox

magento ( php ) module  : https://github.com/MtGox/magento

See Also