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Blockchain-based currencies use addresses, which are a Base58Check encoding of some hash, typically that of a public key. The encoding includes a version byte, which affects the first character in the address. The following is a list of some prefixes which are in use.

Decimal version Leading symbol Use Example
0 1 Bitcoin pubkey hash 12CPLrAUPvhVwjZqBgww3sLdEg4Z888R1j
5 3 Bitcoin script hash
21 4 Bitcoin (compact) public key (proposed)
52 M or N Namecoin pubkey hash NATX6zEUNfxfvgVwz8qVnnw3hLhhYXhgQn
128 5 Private key
111 m or n Bitcoin testnet pubkey hash mkJ7Bf5chdfw61d1m7gnDVAQV3EQQAb8iz
196 2 Bitcoin testnet script hash
? L Litecoin pubkey hash LhK2kQwiaAvhjWY799cZvMyYwnQAcxkarr
? g GeistGeld pubkey hash gK5Lx6ypWgr69Gw9yGzE6dsA7kcuCRZRK
? ? Tenebrix pubkey hash
? x ixc0in pubkey hash xoKDFH4uWpyzxUcCC5jCLFujRKayv3HHcV
? s Solidcoin pubkey hash sXNaMoYBocjcQJRLK53dkaQ5mWuKfvHB9f