List of Decentralized Autonomous Corporations

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See Decentralized Autonomous Corporation, on Bitcoin Magazine, and on bitsharestalk.

Bitcoin, the first DAC?

Bitcoin forks

Ripple Labs is borderline ... they are a registered company and could be ordered to shutdown. The protocol is perhaps a DAC.

Mastercoin, a DAC replacement for Forex, Shares, and much more.

ProtoShares, a meta DAC with the purpose of privding infrastructure for other DACs. It is composed of - DomainShares, a DAC replacement for Namecoin - BitShares, a competitor to Mastercoin (with much more limited feature set IMHO) - Keyhotee, a DAC replacement for OpenID - Other infrastructure components to follow... ?

Mitosys - a DAC replacement for Bit-Message

Colored Coins are working on defining themselves as a DAC ... I haven't seen a working business model yet.