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* [https://bitcoinfoundation.org/about/board Board members (alphabetically)]:
* [https://bitcoinfoundation.org/about/board Board members (alphabetically)]:
** [[Gavin Andresen]] - Chief Scientist
** [[Gavin Andresen]] - Chief Scientist
** [[Mark Karpeles]] - Board Member
** [[Micky Malka]] - Board Member
** [[Micky Malka]] - Board Member
** [[Jon Matonis]] - Executive Director and Board Member
** [[Jon Matonis]] - Executive Director and Board Member

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This page will list all the known Bitcoin and crypto-currency non-profits around the world. The criterias for being on this list are:

  1. A focus on Bitcoin or crypto-currency (merely accepting Bitcoin donations is not enough)
  2. Being a non-profit
  3. The organization needs to be either a registered non-profit or in the process of active registration.

List of organizations (by country of residence)

Argentina: Fundación Bitcoin Argentina

Australia: The Bitcoin Association of Australia

Austria: Bitcoin Austria

Belgium: Belgian Bitcoin Association

Canada: The Bitcoin Embassy

A non-profit organization seeking to promote the adoption of Bitcoin and related crypto-technologies, as well as facilitating networking throughout the Bitcoin community in Canada and worldwide.

Denmark: The Bitcoin Association of Denmark

Germany: Bundesverband Bitcoin e.V.

India: Bitcoin Alliance of India

Ireland: Bitcoin Foundation of Ireland.

Israel: איגוד הביטקוין הישראלי

See The Israeli Bitcoin Association.

Italy: Bitcoin Foundation Italia

Netherlands: Stichting Bitcoin Nederland

Sweden: The Bitcoin Association of Sweden

Switzerland: Bitcoin Association Switzerland

United Kingdom: UK Bitcoin Foundation

United States / International: Bitcoin Foundation



Bitcoin100 is a charity organization that exists specifically to convince new charities to start accepting bitcoin donations.

The Mastercoin Foundation

See the Mastercoin wiki.

PikaPay Foundation

The PikaPay Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to innovation in today’s financial systems and is focussed on developing the Bitcoin ecosystem.

PikaPay's Mission: To explore trends in science, technology, community and culture; To overcome limitations of traditional financial services; To improve lives, empower groups and individuals; and To make greater social contributions to the world.

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