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A lightweight Debian-based OS which includes in the image everything that is necessary to run as a Bitcoin client and everything needed to get started mining on ATI hardware.

Linuxcoin has not been updated since August 2011 and is starting to look outdated. The creator, DrGr33n has stated that he has lost interest in bitcoin and has lost the files used to create linuxcoin.

LinuxCoin installs onto flash media and allows you to take your wallet where ever you go. It's a full Operating system so won't interfere or leave files on the PC's internal HDD and can be encrypted 256bit for added security.

Linuxcoin uses a 64bit kernel so won't work on a computer made before about 2006.

This software was launched on May 06, 2011[1].

The wiki on the linuxcoin site was being frequently spammed and was deleted on the 16 of August 2012.

External Links

  • LinuxCoin official website, offline as of November 2012
  • LinuxCoin announcement on BitCoin forums.

Download LinuxCoin None of these links work as of November 2012