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Karsha Mobile Payment Interface is a lightweight interface optimized for mobile phone's small screens and limited capabilities to access e-currency accounts. This interface is currently accessible via http://m.karsha.biz or https://karsha.biz/m addresses.

Openning a Karsha Bitcoin account

Karsha Bitcoin accounts are similar to other normal Bitcoin accounts with these differences:

  • The user doesn't need to install any software on his/her computer or mobile phone.
  • There is no need to stay connected to network to be noticed by received payments.
  • Any user has the ability to use Karsha Shopping Cart Interface as an easy way to accept Bitcoin payments.
  • There is a constant fee of BTC 0.01 to sending payments or paying through the shopping cart interface which will be deducted from the sender account.

To open a new Karsha Bitcoin account, you must visit http://m.karsha.biz or https://karsha.biz/m via your mobile phone's browser and click on the "Sign Up" button.

Karsha referral system

There is also a 3-level referral system which enables the Bitcoin account holders to earn commissions by referring new users to Karsha Mobile Payment Interface. The referral bonus is 100% of the system fees for a time period of 15 days for the level-1 referrer, then 10 days for the level-2 referrer and then 5 days for the level-3 referrer. More information about the referral system and the guide to participate are available here.

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