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== Bitcoin and '''internationalization''' (i18n) ==
== Bitcoin and '''internationalization''' (i18n) ==
Bitcoin is a global currency.  Support for [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internationalization_and_localization internationalization and localization] follows:

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Bitcoin and internationalization (i18n)

Bitcoin is a global currency. Support for internationalization and localization follows:


The homepage the Bitcoin project website has many translations.

Bitcoin.it Wiki

The multi-lingual scheme for this Wiki is described on Bitcoin.it Wiki.

Bitcoin client

The original bitcoin client software supports ten languages, as-of version 0.3.20[1]


When the program runs, it looks in the directory of the EXE for the file:


<langcode> is the two letter code of the language your OS is set to, like "de" or "nl".


The software looks for:

  • /usr/share/locale/<langcode>/LC_MESSAGES/bitcoin.mo
  • /usr/local/share/locale/<langcode>/LC_MESSAGES/bitcoin.mo