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ICE3X Exchange
Trading nameIce Cubed Exchange
IndustryBitcoin exchange

The ICE3X Exchange

The Ice Cubed Exchange is operated by ICE3X. ICE3X is active in South Africa, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom, allowing customers from those countries to buy and sell Bitcoin using their local currency. Users are also able to trade Litecoin, and use the exchange as a Ripple gateway.


ICE3X offers multiple currency pairs across their active geographies.

Trading pair Country
BTC-ZAR South Africa Rand
BTC-NGN Nigeria Naira
BTC-GBP British Pound

Payment Methods

Deposit options:

  • South African rand (ZAR): Bank transfer (EFT)
  • Nigerian naira (NGN): Bank transfer
  • British pound (GBP): Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Litecoin wallet

Withdrawal options:

  • Linked bank account
  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Litecoin wallet

Bitcoin and Litecoin withdrawals from accounts are processed manually in batch runs at least 3 times per day as they run a 100% cold storage policy. All coins are stored offline, in special vaults, away from online security threats. (Know Your Customer: FICA, Proof of ID / residence required)

Trading fees

  • Deposit Fees: Free
  • Withdraw ZAR: R10
  • Withdraw bitcoin / litecoin: Free
  • Trading fees: 1% of trade value for individuals, 0.8% for traders


  • Developer API is available

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