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gribble is a modified Supybot IRC bot, carrying some useful bitcoin-related commands and factoids. The bot's command sequence is ';;', to issue any command just start a line with two semicolons. You can also issue inline commands with two commas.

It is present on #bitcoin-dev (bitcoin information queries), #bitcoin-market (real time streaming quotes from and, #bitcoin-otc (facilitate over-the-counter trading, with the OTC order book and OTC web of trust). You can also PM commands to gribble and it will PM back.

General Info

To get help on any command, try 'help <command>', to get a list of bitcoin-related commands, run 'apropos bc', and to get a list of factoids, run command 'facts', and click on the link supplied.

List of commands

Bitcoin-related commands

  • bc,bcm - show the market snapshot from
  • bc,blocks - show the current number of blocks in the bitcoin block chain
  • bc,btcex - show the market snapshot from
  • bc,calc - given a hash rate in Khps, calculate the expected average time to generate a block, at current difficulty. For example, to see the average time for 1000 Khps, run 'bc,calc 1000'.
  • bc,calcd - given a hash rate in Khps, and a difficulty level, calculate the expected average time to generate a block at that difficulty. For example, to see the average time for 1000 Khps at difficulty 1, run 'bc,calc 1000 1'.
  • bc,channels - gives you a list of the major bitcoin-related irc channels.
  • bc,diff - show the current generation difficulty
  • bc,estimate - show the estimate of the next difficulty[1]
  • bc,gen - given the hash rate in Khps, calculate expected BTC generation per day and per hour, at current difficulty.
  • bc,gend - given the hash rate in Khps, and a difficulty level, calculate expected BTC generation per day and per hour at that difficulty.
  • bc,help - show the list of all 'bc,*' commands. same as 'apropos bc'.
  • bc,hextarget - show the current difficulty target in hex.
  • bc,mtgox - show the market snapshot for
  • bc,markets - show market snapshot for various markets. (thanks tcatm and for the data feed)
  • bc,nexttarget - show the block at which the next difficulty change will take place
  • bc,poolstats - show the statistics about the slush mining pool.
  • bc,prob - show the probability of getting at least one block at given Khps, in a given time period. E.g., to see probability of getting a block at 1000 Khps, in 2 years and 1 week, try 'bc,prob 1000 2y 1w'. Time takes input in years, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • bc,stats - show some statistics about the block chain - number of blocks, difficulty, estimated next difficulty target, time to next difficulty
  • bc,timetonext - show estimated time to reach the next difficulty target
  • bc,totalbc - show total number of bitcoins in existence.
  • bc,wiki - fetch a link to a page in this wiki, based on a search string. For example, to see a link to this page, try 'bc,wiki gribble'.

Big kudos goes out to theymos for providing a web interface to real time statistics about the bitcoin block chain.

General commands

The above list is specifically for bitcoin-related commands. See this page for list and help of most commonly used non-bitcoin-related gribble commands. You can find more helpful info on the gribble project page, or by exploring the bot with 'list' and 'help' commands.




<me> ;;bc,blocks
<gribble> 96009
<me> Check out the current difficulty! ,,bc,diff
<gribble> 8078.19525793
<me> Here is a list of all gribble bitcoin commands: ,,(apropos bc)
<gribble> Alias bc,bcm, Alias bc,blocks, Alias bc,btcex, Alias bc,calc, Alias bc,diff, Alias bc,estimate, Alias bc,mtgox, Alias bc,nexttarget, Alias bc,stats, Alias bc,timetonext, and Alias bc,totalbc
<me> ;;list
<gribble> Admin, Alias, Anonymous, [...]
<me> ;;list Alias
<gribble> ?, about, add, bc,bcm [...], sfwikisearch, sl, slap, smack, [...]
<me> ;;sl bitcoin
<gribble> | Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency. Peer-to-peer (P2P) means [...]
<me> Some commands have more than one argument. Surround with parens.  
<me> e.g., Is your wallet safe?  ,,(bc,wiki secure wallet)
<gribble> | Apr 6, 2011 ... However a few [...]
<me> ;;calc 25 USD in EUR
<gribble> 25 US dollars = 17.2248 euros