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Free Instant Bitcoins helps you earn free bitcoins! You complete offers on our site and we reward you with free Bitcoins. Instantly!

It’s common practice for companies to reach out to their consumers for information about their products and services. To do this they hire companies (like us) to ask people (like you) for your thoughts and opinions and sometimes try products and services.

To thank you for providing your valuable opinions, you are rewarded with Bitcoins. If you like to earn free Bitcoins for giving your opinions and checking out some cool offers, you’ve come to the right place! There is no catch, and best of all, it’s free!

Simply visit Free Instant Bitcoins and create an account, complete offers, and earn free bitcoins!

Step 1 - Registration! Registration is absolutely FREE! You may register using your Facebook account or your e-mail address, then click continue. (screenshot) You will then be taken to our signup page where you will be prompted to enter some personal information including your Bitcoin wallet address. This information is used to both protect you and our network from fraud and to ensure successful delivery of your FREE Bitcoins. We recognize the privacy and protection that our users’ desire and it is a tenet of our network that no outside parties have access to any information submitted to us. If you have any further concerns, please refer to our Privacy Policy. After this information is submitted, a verification e-mail will be sent to you containing a unique link which you can click to activate your account.

Step 2 - Complete Offers! Each time you log in to, you will be automatically directed to your "Dashboard". The "Dashboard" is your main control panel as it contains helpful tools, personal account information, and referral and offer statuses.

It is now time to complete any of our current offers that interest you! By clicking "View Offers" located on the main menu you will be taken to our Offers page where you can view all of our active partners. Once you have successfully completed an offer, we will be automatically notified by the advertiser and you will then be instantly credited into your Bitcoin wallet.

Have fun!