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A [[currency exchange]] market where bitcoins may be exchanged to and from U.S. dollars.  Exchange Bitcoins Inc. is a corporate entity registered with the State of California.
The site recently rebranded on the ExchB name and introduced a new logo and simplified layout.
ExchB has a simple look, strong security with two-factor authentication, and a well-documented API. Accounts can be funded with check, ING Direct Person2Person, wire transfer, and of course bitcoin. Orders executed on the site cause the USD and BTC account balances to be debited and credited in accordance with the amount and price of the order. All trades take place with funds that were previously deposited with the company.
A buy order is executed partially or in full when the price bid can be matched against a sell order that is at or below the bid amount.
A sell order is executed partially or in full when the price asked can be matched against a buy order that is at or above the ask amount.
Exchange Bitcoins subtracts a 0.54% commission from both the funds going to the buy and seller in each trade that is executed. The price reflected in the Transaction History is true price at which bitcoins were sold however the quantity of USD or BTC going into the account shown in the corresponding +/- column will be lower by the amount of the commission.
==Adding Funds==
There are no fees incurred when transferring bitcoins to an Exchange Bitcoins account. On viewing the Deposit page, a temporary address is issued that remains active for the logged-in account for 24 hours.
After 72 hours this address becomes eligible to be assigned to process deposits from another account.  Funds are available once [[confirmation|confirmed]] (6 blocks) by the Bitcoin network.
==Bank Networks==
Deposits to the exchange may be sent by check.  Once the check has been deposited by the exchange, funds are available for trading typically 1 to 2 days later.
===ING Person2Person===
Those who bank with ING may use the Person2Person transaction to add funds to their accounts.  Funds will become available for trading in three business days in most instances.
===Wire Transfer===
Deposits may also be wired with the information to wire being available on the user's Deposit page.
==Withdrawing Funds==
Bitcoins may be withdrawn at no charge.
This withdrawal method causes a check to be sent to you by mail.  A $3 fee applies.
===Wire Transfer===
Deposits may also be wired with the information to wire being available on the user's Deposit page.
===Direct Deposit===
There is currently no option for withdrawing funds through a direct deposit bank transaction.
==Customer Service==
The preferred method for obtaining service is to send e-mail with the request. There is also a toll-free +1-855 phone number on the Help Page where a message can be left.
Exchange Bitcoins offers a [https://www.exchangebitcoins.com/api trading API] which can be used to automate operations described above.  There is also a [https://github.com/viorels/mtgox-trader Python library] for interacting with this and other exchange's APIs.
* [[Bitcoin Charts]]
* [https://github.com/viorels/mtgox-trader Python trading library]
The exchange went online on June 14, 2011.<ref>[ http://forum.bitcoin.org/index.php?topic=16890 ExchB announcement on forum]</ref>
==See Also==
* [[Buying bitcoins]]
* [[Selling bitcoins]]
==External Links==
* [https://www.exchangebitcoins.com ExchangeBitcoins.com] website

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