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Crypto X Change was formerly a global Bitcoin currency exchange based in Australia. The exchange was owned and operated by the Australian company Kenseycol PNY LTD, which was based near Sydney, Australia.


Crypto X Change offered balances in Bitcoin, Namecoin, USD, AUD, BRL, and RUB. A fully-transparent order book was provided with no dark pools. Crypto X Change also featured an API to make automated trading easier. They also provided customers with live chat support 24/7, and have phone numbers for most countries.

A forum was also provided for users to discuss topics that are important to them. Crypto X Change also sold gold and silver products on a web store.

Crypto X Change offered two-factor authentication with Yubikeys, pincodes, or SMS.


The exchange launched on November 10, 2011[1]. The exchange suspended all trading on November 19, 2012, slightly a year after it was launched.