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CryptoPayment is a MediaWiki extension to limit spam by requiring a small one-time bitcoin payment before a user is allowed to edit or create pages. While the payment is deliberately small for a normal user, it presents a barrier to a mass-spammer. Funds sent to this Wiki will be used offset moderate expenses (hosting, DDoS protection, security maintenance). If any money is remaining it will go toward funding Bitcoin development.


In order to enable your user account to edit pages, log in and visit Special:CryptoPayment, and you'll be given an address to which to send a small amount of bitcoins.

Once you send the requested bitcoin amount to the address displayed and your payment is confirmed, your account will automatically be added to the trusted group and be afforded edit privileges.


Payments will be considered paid after it is confirmed in a Bitcoin block.


Source will be released after the backend interface to bitcoind is rewritten.

Questions or comments?

If you have questions, comments or a support request, please post in the Bitcoin Wiki Support forum. We also have a chatroom at #bitcoin-wiki on freenode IRC. Please ask your question and be prepared to stick around for a few hours before you get a response.