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The cryptocurrency market is explosive which currently serves more than a thousand currencies. Most of them are obvious scams—including many which purport to have a large market cap. This article aims to list only the most relevant cryptocurrencies in terms of novel technological advancements or strong engineering teams, or due to widespread awareness thereof. Direct, low-level scams should not be listed here.

Cryptocurrency Exchange symbol Launched One-sentence summary Website
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin BTC 2009-01-03 First blockchain.
Dash.png Dash DASH 2014-01-18 Introduced the X11 algorithm, which is just a composite function of multiple hashing algorithms. Heavily premined. Uses coinjoin + master nodes for anonymity.
Ethereum.png Ethereum ETH 2015-08-07  ?
Ethereum Classic-32x32.pngEthereum Classic ETC 2016-07-24 Result of Ethereum community schism due to the TheDAO hard fork
Litecoin.png Litecoin LTC 2011-10-07 Like bitcoin but with shorter block times and a different PoW algorithm
Monero.png Monero XMR 2014-04-18 Uses Ring Confidential Transactions to attempt to create an anonymous cryptocurrency.
Zcash-16x16.png Zcash ZEC 2016-10-28 First cryptocurrency that implemented the zerocash protocol.
Namecoin.png Namecoin NMC 2011-04-18 The first altcoin, implements Satoshi's BitDNS idea [1]
Zcoin-800x800.png Zcoin XZC 2016-09-28 First cryptocurrency that implemented the zerocoin protocol which also makes it the first useful Zero-knowledge proof based anonymous cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency Max supply Algorithm Proof Type
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin ~21,000,000 SHA256 PoW
Dash.png Dash ? ? ?
Ethereum.png Ethereum Infinite Ethash PoW
Ethereum Classic-32x32.png Ethereum Classic Infinite Ethash PoW
Litecoin.png Litecoin ~84,000,000 Scrypt PoW
Monero.png Monero Not Applicable CryptoNight PoW
Zcash-16x16.png Zcash ~21,000,000 Equihash PoW
Namecoin.png Namecoin ~21,000,000 SHA2 Merged-Mined PoW
Zcoin-800x800.png Zcoin ~21,000,000 Lyra2RE PoW