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This page aggregates the changelogs that have been posted on the forum for the Bitcoin releases.


The maxsendbuffer bug ( clients not being able to download the block chain from other clients) was only going to get worse as people upgraded, so I cherry-picked the bug fix and created a minor release yesterday.

The Amazon Machine Images I used to do the builds are available:

 ami-38a05251   Bitcoin-v0.3.20.2 Mingw    (Windows; Administrator password 'bitcoin development')
 ami-30a05259   Bitcoin_0.3.20.2 Linux32
 ami-8abc4ee3   Bitcoin_0.3.20.2 Linux64

(mac build will be done soon)

If you have already downloaded version, please either add this to your bitcoin.conf file:


... or download the new version.

(No known forum post.)


Please checkout the git integration branch from:

... and help test. The new features that need testing are:

Bug fixes that also need testing:

This needs more testing on Windows! Please drop me a quick private message, email, or IRC message if you are able to do some testing. If you find bugs, please open an issue at:


There's more work to do on DoS, but I'm doing a quick build of what I have so far in case it's needed, before venturing into more complex ideas. The build for this is version 0.3.19.

- Added some DoS controls As Gavin and I have said clearly before, the software is not at all resistant to DoS attack. This is one improvement, but there are still more ways to attack than I can count.

I'm leaving the -limitfreerelay part as a switch for now and it's there if you need it.

- Removed "safe mode" alerts "safe mode" alerts was a temporary measure after the 0.3.9 overflow bug. We can say all we want that users can just run with "-disablesafemode", but it's better just not to have it for the sake of appearances. It was never intended as a long term feature. Safe mode can still be triggered by seeing a longer (greater total PoW) invalid block chain.



  • Fixed a wallet.dat compatibility problem if you downgraded from 0.3.17 and then upgraded again
  • IsStandard() check to only include known transaction types in blocks
  • Jgarzik's optimisation to speed up the initial block download a little

The main addition in this release is the Accounts-Based JSON-RPC commands that Gavin's been working on (more details at

  • getaccountaddress
  • sendfrom
  • move
  • getbalance
  • listtransactions


Version 0.3.17 is now available.


  • new getwork, thanks m0mchil
  • added transaction fee setting in UI options menu
  • free transaction limits
  • sendtoaddress returns transaction id instead of "sent"
  • getaccountaddress <account>

The UI transaction fee setting was easy since it was still there from 0.1.5 and all I had to do was re-enable it.

The accounts-based commands: move, sendfrom and getbalance <account> will be in the next release. We still have some more changes to make first.


Never released.


  • paytxfee switch is now per KB, so it adds the correct fee for large transactions
  • sending avoids using coins with less than 6 confirmations if it can
  • BitcoinMiner processes transactions in priority order based on age of dependencies
  • make sure generation doesn't start before block 74000 downloaded
  • bugfixes by Dean Gores
  • testnet, keypoololdest and paytxfee added to getinfo


Version 0.3.14 is now available


  • Key pool feature for safer wallet backup

Gavin Andresen:

  • TEST network mode with switch -testnet
  • Option to use SSL for JSON-RPC connections on unix/osx
  • validateaddress RPC command


  • Russian translation


Version 0.3.13 is now available. You should upgrade to prevent potential problems with 0/unconfirmed transactions. Note: 0.3.13 prevents problems if you haven't already spent a 0/unconfirmed transaction, but if that already happened, you need


  • Don't count or spend payments until they have 1 confirmation.
  • Internal version number from 312 to 31300.
  • Only accept transactions sent by IP address if -allowreceivebyip is specified.
  • Dropped DB_PRIVATE Berkeley DB flag.
  • Fix problem sending the last cent with sub-cent fractional change.
  • Auto-detect whether to use 128-bit 4-way SSE2 on Linux.

Gavin Andresen:

  • Option -rpcallowip= to accept json-rpc connections from another machine.
  • Clean shutdown on SIGTERM on Linux.


(Thanks Laszlo for the Mac OSX build!)

Note: The SSE2 auto-detect in the Linux 64-bit version doesn't work with AMD in 64-bit mode. Please try this instead and let me know if it gets it right:

You can still control the SSE2 use manually with -4way and -4way=0.

Version (SVN rev 161) has improvements for the case where you already had 0/unconfirmed transactions that you might have already spent. Here's a Windows build of it:


Version 0.3.12 is now available.


  • json-rpc errors return a more standard error object. (thanks to Gavin Andresen)
  • json-rpc command line returns exit codes.
  • json-rpc "backupwallet" command.
  • Recovers and continues if an exception is caused by a message you received. Other nodes shouldn't be able to cause an exception, and it hasn't happened before, but if a way is found to cause an exception, this would keep it from being used to stop network nodes.

If you have json-rpc code that checks the contents of the error string, you need to change it to expect error objects of the form {"code":<number>,"message":<string>}, which is the standard. See this thread: