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==Supported Exchanges==
==Supported Exchanges==
* Coinbase
* CampBX
* MtGox
* MtGox
* CampBX
* Coinbase
* BTC-E (In private beta)

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Bitcoin Can is a mobile trading app for Windows Phone 8. It was built to bridge the Bitcoin app gap between Windows Phone and Andriod and take bitcoin mobile apps to a new level. It aims to do this by providing a high quality app that combines the features of multiple small apps in one convenient place then add its unique features on top of that. Its development growth is heavily guided by its users feedback.


  • Live tile BTC ticker prices
  • Trade bitcoins
  • Factors in exchange fees and computes break even prices for making profit
  • See you account balances at the various exchanges
  • Optionally see your total combined balance from all exchanges
  • View transactions history [1]
  • View and cancel pending orders [1]
  • Supports non-US locales
  • QR scanning for security keys
  • OAuth for exchanges that support it

Supported Currencies

  • BTC
  • USD
  • EUR

Supported Exchanges

  • Coinbase
  • BTC-E
  • CampBX
  • MtGox


Facebook Page


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