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Bitcoin Argentina is a mailing list managed by Eudemocracia where members can make buying or selling offers to exchange bitcoins between them.

To join the community

  1. Subscribe yourself to the mailing list, here.
  2. Write to bitcoin(at)eudemocracia(dot)org.


  • ¡There aren't! Donations accepted.


  • Cash.
  • Bank transfer.

About Eudemocracia

Eudemocracia is a non-profit organization that promotes the improvement of democracy through the research, development and implementation of internet-based tools that enable the members of a community to participate directly and continuously in its governance.

This initiative is part of our social sustainable entrepreneurship program.


  • Web: Spanish | English
  • Mail: contacto(at)eudemocracia(dot)org
  • Mobile: (+549) 11–3358–5694
  • Address: Monroe 1395 2º C (C1428BKM), Buenos Aires, Argentina