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* Web: [http://eudemocracia.org/bitcoin Spanish] | [http://eudemocracia.org/en/bitcoin English]
* Web: [http://wiki.eudemocracia.org/bitcoin Spanish] | [http://wiki.eudemocracia.org/en/bitcoin English]
* Mail: contacto(at)eudemocracia(dot)org
* Mail: contacto(at)eudemocracia(dot)org
* Mobile: (+549) 11–3358–5694
* Mobile: (+549) 11–3358–5694

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Eudemocracia buys and sells bitcoins through its currency exchange Bitcoin Argentina, placed in Monroe 1395 2º C, Buenos Aires.

Eudemocracia is a non-profit organization that promotes the improvement of democracy through the research, development and implementation of internet-based tools that enable the members of a community to participate directly and continuously in its governance.

This currency exchange is a part of our social sustainable entrepreneurship program.

Important: Due lack of funds we are not currently exchanging bitcoins. Thus, if you are interested in associating with us and dividing benefits, please contact us. We are receiving at least one exchange request per week.


  • Web: Spanish | English
  • Mail: contacto(at)eudemocracia(dot)org
  • Mobile: (+549) 11–3358–5694


  • The rates are based on the current BTC/USD market rate from MtGox.


  • ¡There aren't! Donations accepted.


  • Cash (personally in Buenos Aires).
  • Bank transfer (national and international).


  • We sell bitcoins for: Pesos (ARS), Reals (BRL), Dollars (USD).
  • We buy bitcoins for: Pesos (ARS).