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===Gambling sites===
===Gambling sites===
[https://betbit.co '''Betbit'''] Provably fair dice game with 96% win chance and 0.1% house edge. Refer new users and join multilevel affiliate program.
[http://battlecoin.org '''BattleCoin.org'''] Multiplayer PvP game, earn bitcoins by refering new users, additionally, 10% of websites profits from users you refered is automatically added to your balance
[http://battlecoin.org '''BattleCoin.org'''] Multiplayer PvP game, earn bitcoins by refering new users, additionally, 10% of websites profits from users you refered is automatically added to your balance

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Bitcoin affiliate programs allow affiliates to gain revenue by driving traffic to specific Bitcoin related programs. The revenue is paid in a CPA (cost per action) or Revenue Share model depending on the program. Although most Bitcoin affiliate programs pay their affiliates with Bitcoins, several programs pay their affiliates with fiat. The following is a list of the best performing affiliate programs according to reports by major Bitcoin affiliates. Low traffic website that are not yet significant are not listed here. Make sure to follow best ethics when applying to an affiliate program.

Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin Affiliate Networks

RunCPA.com - #1 bitcoin CPA affiliate network, combined payouts and lifetime revenue shares up to 80%. Offers include cloud mining systems, bitcoin exchanges, online games, online brokerage, etc. Earn the highest commissions today.


Bit4x.com – Trade stocks, Forex, indices, commodities, crypto pairs using bitcoin. Earn 50-100% of the commissions from referrals.

SimpleFX.com – Forex, commodities, stocks, and crypto pair trading using bitcoin with up to 500x leverage. Earn commission from referred traders.

1Broker.com – Trade Forex, indices, commodities, and stocks using bitcoin. Earn 15% of the commissions/spreads from referred traders.

AvaPartner – Forex trading for Bitcoins through AvaTrade's trading platform. Payouts start at $100 CPA. Revenue share plans also available. Not available in the US.

500Affiliates – Forex trading for Bitcoins and Litecoins through Plus500's trading platform. The highest CPA payouts in Bitcoin Forex. Can reach up to $500 per active user. Not available in the US.

eToro – Social trading platform for Bitcoin investments. Receive up to $200 CPA. Not available in the US.

Markets.com – Forex trading and Binary Options for Bitcoins. CPA is calculated on a case by case basis – default CPA is $150.

Bitcoin exchanges

WhaleClub - Anonymous bitcoin trading with 10x Leverage on BTCUSD and 5x leverage on ETHBTC. Users who signup with a referral link get a 100% bonus on their first bitcoin deposit and the referrer gets 50% trade commission for life.

LakeBTC - Bitcoin exchange with 15+ fiat markets. 3-tier referral program with up to 30% commission.

OKCoin – Highest volume bitcoin exchange with margin trading & 20x leverage. Up to 20% referral commission.

BitMex – Bitcoin's most advanced derivatives exchange. Up to 100x leverage. Hedging without clawbacks. Industry-leading security. Earn up to 50% commissions on referrals.

HitBTC - European Bitcoin exchange with Free deposits. Earn up to 40% of fees from referred traders.

CryptoFacilities – Insured Bitcoin Exchange offering leveraged trading. Earn 50% of fees from referred traders.

CoinCorner blue logo.png CoinCorner - UK based Bitcoin exchange. Earn up to 25% commission, based on the total net profit for CoinCorner attributable to that transaction, and any subsequent transactions, for a period of up to 3 years.

CoinMate.io – European Bitcoin Exchange. 50% of trading fee of referred users for 6 months from date of registration. Link available in Account/Referral page once signed up

1WBE – Receive 40% for every trade your referral makes. Introduce new members to the first Worldwide Bitcoin Exchanger.

VirWox – Allows you to buy Bitcoins with Paypal or a credit card through the use of a simple workaround. Receive 20% of the commissions taken by VirWox.

Cavirtex – Canadian Bitcoin exchange. CaVirtex affiliates will earn 30% of Net Revenue from each trader they register in the trader’s first year of trading and 15% of Net Revenue in each succeeding year.

Coins-e - Refer users to Coins-E and earn 10% of the trade fee on every trade the user executes. Referral payments are made once every 3 days.

Bitcoin.de – Germany’s leading Bitcoin market place. You get 10% provison of the marketplace fee, which is charged from the referred user.

BitBay.net - Poland-based Bitcoin and Litecoin market. BitBay offers 20% commision of the marketplace fee, which is charged from the referred user.

igot.com – Leading Bitcoin market exchange. You get up to $15 per conversion. Same day payout.

ALFAcashier – Easy-to-use exchange platform. You get up to 20% of the commissions taken by ALFAcashier.

Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending

Bitbond - Global small business loans and bitcoin lending platform. Earn 20% commission on Bitbond's origination fee from every loan one of your invitees takes out. Get 30% commission on Bitbond's origination fee that is generated through lenders that you invite. In total you can rake up to 50% of the fees Bitbond is making on a loan.

Buy Bitcoins services

Bitit Buy Bitcoin online by credit card and by cash in 100K+ Local stores. Earn up to 20% commission on Bitit's origination fee. Get paid in Bitcoins. Receive weekly payouts. Each of your affiliates will generate lifetime commissions.

Coinhouse – Buy Bitcoin with Credit card and Neosurf in all European zone - Promote the online brocker of La Maison du Bitcoin at Paris and earn 20% from commissions fees - Lifetime program

expresscoin – One of the largest bitcoin and altcoin retailers in the U.S. Best commission in the industry.

Coinmama – Buy bitcoins with a credit card or with Western Union. Receive 5% of the amount purchased by your referred customer.

Local Bitcoins – Buy Bitcoins from a person near your physical location. Earn 20% from the commissions taken form each user (up to 40%). Multiple payment methods, including bank transfers, cash deposits, paypal etc.

Coinbase – The leading program for US residents seeking to buy Bitcoins. Receive $5 when your referred customer purchases $100 or more.

BTC-Asia - Secure Bitcoin Escrows Earn bitcoins by sharing your affiliate links. Become an affiliate and share 30% of our escrow transaction fees for each completed transaction you refer to us. Banners provided for affiliates. More info at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=237121.0


Shout For Coin – (Renting out twitter accounts for tweets/retweets) Earn 20% from publishers commission and 30% of advertiser commission

BitVisitor – Pay users to visit websites. There’s a 50% revenue share lifetime model.

Blog4Bitcoin – Earn Bitcoin by blogging (get a free blog site like at Wordpress.com or a free Wordpress plugin) or from your website

CoinURL – bitcoin specialised advertising network. They pay pay 5% of revenue from ad purchases and 1% of link publisher and website owner earnings.

Gambling sites

Betbit Provably fair dice game with 96% win chance and 0.1% house edge. Refer new users and join multilevel affiliate program.

BattleCoin.org Multiplayer PvP game, earn bitcoins by refering new users, additionally, 10% of websites profits from users you refered is automatically added to your balance

10XBTC.com Lottery Affiliate Program - Most generous Lottery affiliate program in the bitcoin industry. You will earn 5% of every bet amount from your referred customers, you can make between 0.08 and 0.2 BTC per day!, your referred users gives you revenue during their lifetime. Withdrawals with minimum 0.001 BTC accrued available at any time.

BitcoinRush.io One of the oldest and most reliable sites around, owned by the CasinoBitco.in gaming network offers an incredibly attractive affiliate program where users earn bitcoin based on how much the referred user plays, not wins or loses.

BitBandit.eu Instant play, no registration, slot machine with high payouts and really simple to use 30% affiliate program. You can start promoting within seconds. Provably fair and transparent!

Chain Games – Earn 70% commission by offering online games to your customers.

The Coins Slot – Amazing Bitcoin slot machine with generous affiliate program. You get 5% of every bet from people that registered using your referral link, lifetime. Register and start earning free bitcoins!

BitCasino Affiliates - Most generous Casino affiliate program in the bitcoin industry. You will earn up to 50% of your affiliated users revenue during their lifetime. Users will never be untagged meaning no matter when they play, you will earn revenue. 600+ High Definition casino games, first ever Live Dealer Casino for bitcoins only and 50+ Jackpot slots! The worlds first licensed bitcoin casino!

mBitCasino.com MBitCasino.com was one of the innovators in Bitcoin casino gaming. By providing you with real time statistics of your players and quick payouts in bitcoin you will find us much easier to use than any regular casino affiliate program.

MULTICRYPTOS Investment game. +35 cryptocurrencies accepted. Get 20% service fee with affiliate program.

Betcoin-Favicon.png Betcoin Partners – Casino, Poker & Sportsbook Affiliate Program all in one. Up to 30% revenue share on all players for the life of the player.

Tetraplay Affiliates – The latest Casino Affiliate Program. Receive up to 30% revenue share on all your clients for a life time ! Get access to Real Time Statistics and 24/7 Support at Tetraplay Casino

CoinXerox Affiliate Program – CoinXerox Bitcoin casino Affiliate program offers up to 50% of house edge!

Rollin affiliates program – Start earning bitcoins by referring players to Rollin using your affiliate link.

FairProof Provably fair and bitcoin lottery. Dice, cards, roulette games inside games inside. 0.001 BTC free welcome bonus, 2x deposit and Bad Luck bonus. Affiliate program.

Crypto-Games Simple slot machine game for playing with Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Fast, Secure, Fair, No Fees, and 25% affiliate revenue share!

Kate Poker Affiliates Program offers affiliates 15% revenue share. Use your affiliate link to refer players to Kate Poker and as they sign up and start playing you will start earning money. With this opportunity you will have lifetime income.

Bitcoinpenguin.jpg BitcoinPenguin Affiliates 25-50% Lifetime revenue share, high conversion and player retention, experienced affiliate managers. Monthly payments in bitcoin, anonymously. There is also a CPA-based commission system, please contact your affiliate manager for more details.

Bluffabit Casino Affiliates Program offers affiliates up to 50% revenue share, real-time reporting, state of the art technology, on demand payments (get paid when you want!), full user reporting and much more! Offer your users over 400 BTC in jackpots, 130+ HD casino games and Live Dealers!

Coin-Sweeper is a game of luck and chance where players find as many coins as they can without clicking on a bomb. You can become an Affiliate via the Retro Coin Games website and share in 15% of the house edge for every player you refer. Weekly payouts. Live dashboard to watch your referral numbers grow. Referrals are tagged for 10 years and your affiliate cookie will remain active over any and all accounts they create on our site. Check out the Bitcoin Talk Thread for Coin-Sweeper too.

CoinPoker Affiliates - Using the best software in the bitcoin poker market you will be a successful poker affiliate earning up to 50% revenue share until the end of days! Fully automated accounting in the affiliate backend, on demand payments so you can cashout your revenues whenever you want, full real-time reporting of bets, rake, win/loss, revenue and everything else! Filterable databases of your users details, tracking system enabling you to create as many trackers as needed!

Pocket Dice — First realistic bitcoin dice game. Free faucet. Referral Program.

Seals With Clubs – Play Bitcoin poker. Earn revenue share from house rake.

Satoshi36 Bitcoin lottery Get bitcoins by referring new people to Satoshi36. Enter your bitcoin adress to generate the unique url. You will get 50% of lottery profit from every winning player, who visits the site via your url.

StrikeSapphire Casino StrikeSapphire offers professional affiliates up to 35% revenue shares. Affiliates are paid through their StrikeSapphire casino account. The program is only available outside the US. Affiliates are approved individually. To qualify, prospective affiliates must email help (at) StrikeSapphire.com.


HashCoins Affiliate program. The referral fee starts at 10% of our revenue from customers that you refer.

Minergate affiliate program. Get up to 0.75% from referrer's profit

Cex.io – The first commodity exchange, where you can trade mining facilities for a price set by supply and demand. Cex.io is the cutting edge market for Bitcoin priced and fully maintained GHashes. Receive 3% of your referred user’s GH/s balance.

Hashop.IO is one of the leading Cloud Mining platforms that allows users to earn Bitcoins through collective mining. It offers everyone to participate in the affiliate program which gives you 10% discount of the plan cost, purchased by each referred client (payment in $). This offer works both for our recent customers and those who haven't purchased anything on the website yet.

Domain hosting

NameCheap – One of the leading domain registers which accepts Bitcoins. Earn 15% from a new customer’s purchase. Payout occur 30 days after purchase.

Consumer Goods

Bitcoin.com Store Affiliate Program – 15% referral on all bitcoin swag from the Bitcoin.com Store.

CoinTracking - Bitcoin & altcoin portfolio manager, trade analysis & tax reporting tools. Earn 20% commission on all affiliate purchases.

CoinRebates - Cashback program that rewards bitcoins for online shopping. Earn 10% of what your referrals earn.

Bitcoin Wine - Premium California Wines for Bitcoin. Affiliates paid out at 10% next day, in Bitcoin. Shipping to US only.

Trees Delivery - Luxury cannabis delivery company. Accepts Bitcoin and pays for affiliates in Bitcoin. 20% commission for the first year.

Bitcoin Payment Processor/Gateway

GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway - You get 33.3% of the commissions taken by GoUrl.io - Earn 0.50% Lifetime from each cryptocoin payment made by users through GoUrl.io Payment Gateway for Web Developers who use it in their php scripts/web applications

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