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A fixed-rate exchange providing cashout services.

Note - multiple forum posts are reporting that delivery of bitcoins or sale proceeds from this exchange are not being received.[1], [2].

The exchange accepts bitcoins, MtGoxUSD, or Liberty Reserve and redeems payment in the form of Dwolla, Western Union, MoneyGram, prepaid debit cards, and gift cards to many major businesses, retail stores and restaurants.

The exchange also sells BTC, MtGoxUSD, and Liberty Reserve and accepts payment in the form of MoneyPak, Western Union, and MoneyGram. Other methods of payment from the exchange may be possible and the operator encourages interested parties to inquire.

Also redeemd for bitcoins are prepaid cell phones and wireless cell phone time cards.

The operator stated that offices are in Florida[3].


All BTC prices are matched to the current market rate from MtGox.

Exchange rates vary between 3.5%-7%

Contact BitcoinExchange through the forum for an exact quote.


The exchange has been in operation since April 2011[4].

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