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==External Links==
==External Links==
* [https://www.bitcoin.de bitcoin.de] web site
* [https://www.bitcoin.de/r/udnd7w bitcoin.de] web site

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Bitcoin.de is a marketplace, where Bitcoins are traded directly between users. Bitcoin.de acts as trustee for the offered Bitcoins. Therefor it is necessary to register on bitcoin.de. It is also possible to use the account at bitcoin.de as a Bitcoin online wallet.

Currently bitcoin.de is serving curreny exchange between bitcoins and Euro. Supported payment methods are bank wire, SEPA, Moneybookers and Liberty Reserve.

Bitcoin.de started on August 26th, 2011[1]. In a short time bitcoin.de became the most important marketplace (person to person) for exchanging Bitcoins for Euro.


  • Every new user currently gets 0.01 Bitcoins for free.
  • Affiliate program – users get Bitcoins for advising bitcoin.de to other users.
  • Supported languages are German and Englisch (Spanish is announced).
  • Bitcoin.de provides continous news around the issue Bitcoin and a German speaking bulletin board.

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