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An easy shopping cart interface allowing a site to easily accept Bitcoins as payment.

The service is built on Willet which can also be used to accept credit card payments.

The service was launched on June 28, 2011[1].

How It Works

  • A buyer clicks a 'Buy with BTC' button / link.
  • After they have selected to purchase the digital goods, they will be prompted to enter their Bitcoin client and transfer the BTC.
  • Once BitWillet has received enough confirmations, BitWillet POSTs the purchase information to a specified URL.
  • Upon receiving a POST notification, a seller simply verifies the message came from BitWillet and redirect sthe user to the URL for the digital goods!
  • Optionally, sellers can record the purchase information for future reference!

Integration Details

Integration is really easy!


<a onClick="bitwillet( 'OFFER_ID' );" href="#">

     Purchase "OFFER_TITLE" with Bitcoins!

</a> <noscript> Please enable Javascript to access "OFFER_TITLE". </noscript>


  • Implement a POST handler to receive BitWillet's callback and redirect a buyer to the digital goods!

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