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BitVegas is a six story Minecraft Bitcoin casino. Upon joining, players receive 5 play Bitcoins to gamble with. These coins are not exchangeable for real Bitcoins. Once every fifteen minutes, players are gifted .5 mBTC via a chest. These coins are real and can be used to gamble for actual Bitcoins. The server has options to withdraw/deposit Bitcoins. Transactions go through almost instantly and no fees are taken from the player's winnings. All games are provably fair[1].

Bit Vegas.png

Before You Join

Before you actually join the server, there are a few things you should know.

The Staff

The owner of the server can be extremely helpful and understanding. Unfortunately, he is hardly ever on and rarely responds to any kind of messaging. To counter this, he hired several staff members. One of which is someone you do NOT want to encounter. Any time a player has made a comment that could possibly put him or his actions in a negative light, he rants for a minimum of two hours, often saying "I'm going to stab somebody" or similar. Once, he muted a player globally and then proceeded to insult him for about an hour while he could not respond in any way. He has also been known to arbitrarily mute, ban, and kick players. That admin's name is DeviantTwo, so if you see him on the server then be sure to not say anything. The reason this is included in this page is that it truly ruins many player's experience of the server. Once banned a player has no claim to the bitcoins on their account.

Server Downtime

The server often goes down without warning, sometimes for as long as a week, though usually somewhere around a day. The owner claims that no one loses money when the server goes down, but there have been claims of people losing as much as .1 BTC on bets that were never finished due to the server crashing.


The server does not actually have any rules that players are informed of upon joining, yet the administrators tend to make a habit of banning people for things they deem "common sense". Players have been muted or banned for simply having an argument with another player.


There are some glitches in the server. For example, if you try to drink two alcoholic drinks one after the other then they both disappear. Admins do not reimburse players for things lost to server bugs, so be wary of the bar.


First Floor

The first floor is the lobby, it currently doesn't have much, but an item store and hotel are coming.


Second Floor

The second floor is the "main casino". In it are several MineField booths, two Roulette rooms, and rows of Slots.

Second Floor.png

Third Floor

The third floor is the Blackjack and Poker floor. It also features the new lottery game.


Fourth Floor

The fourth floor is the pig racing floor. It features a few bars and a secret room.


Fifth Floor

The fifth floor is a room for the VIP's(players with more than one Bitcoin) only.

Sixth Floor

The sixth floor features parkour, a garden, tanning beds, a huge pool, a water slide, and a statue of a...turtle?

Room 6.png


Slots **NEW**

Pull the lever and watch as the images spin and tell you what you've won!



Your standard BlackJack game. The player receives two cards, as does the dealer. Once the cards are dealt, the player has the option to "hit", or receive another card. At the end of the round, the players with the closest total card face value to 21 wins. If the player's total card value goes over 21 the player loses.

Black Jack.png

Bacon Racing

An amusing recreation of horse racing. Four pigs are brought to the track where they wait for thirty seconds. During these thirty seconds, players are shown information such as the pig's chances of winning and the payout of betting on that pig. After the thirty seconds, the pigs race to the finish line. The pig in first place is the winner and the players who had bet on that pig are rewarded.



Try to get a better hand than the other players!



There is a board with thirty six numbers, zero through thirty six. Zero is the only green number, and the numbers from one through thirty six alternate between black and red. Players have the option to bet on individual numbers, corners connecting numbers, sides connecting numbers, dozens of numbers (first, second, third dozen), the color of the number, the column, whether the number will be even or odd, or you can bet on the first or second eighteen numbers. Payouts are directly proportionate to the odds of that particular event occurring. Players are allowed to bet on as many blocks as they like and will receive the payment they earn for every block they win.

Roul ette.png


Players place a bet and then are locked in a room with a five by five square of grass. Each block has the potential to be a bomb. If a player mines a bomb, they lose the game. The player is allowed to cash out at any time. If they do this, they will receive their initial bet as well as anything they have won so far. There are two rooms, one has three bombs and the other has five. Both rooms have the same amount of grass. The number of Bitcoins received per non-explosive block mined is proportional to both the number of blocks already mined, the initial bet, and the number of bombs in the room.

Mine. Field.png


Bar **NEW**

The server now has several bars that sell various alcoholic drinks. Upon being consumed, the drink has a 48% chance to give you back twice as much as you spent on it.


Water Slide **NEW**

Click the chest, grab a boat, and try to make it into the pool!



An incredibly difficult game that challenges player's depth perception, player control, and familiarity with the mechanics of Minecraft. There are three levels of difficulty.

Par kour.png

Extra Information

Provably Fair

By each game is a box with a check mark. Upon clicking this box the player will receive a link showing information from the current and last round of the game. These pages show that the games are fair.



Players receive .005(5mBTC) instantly as well as 5 free gifts for every player they get to join the server. When a player types "/referrals" in the game, they will be shown information regarding their referrals. This includes a link to their referral page, the number of referrals they have, and the number of times their referral page has been visited. A referral link is the same as a link to, except that once visiting the referral link, the website logs the user's IP address. In order to get a referral, a player must share their referral link with a person who has not joined the server before. Upon joining the server, if the IP the user displays is the same as one that has been displayed on the player's referral page, the player will receive the referral reward.

Help Books

The server has a help book for players so they can better understand the games. Players may acquire these by clicking the question mark at every game.

Help Book.png


/btc : Shows balance for the current Bitcoin mode. Usually fixes Bitcoins not showing up after a referral.

/deposit : Gives the player a wallet address they can send Bitcoins to to gamble with.

/mode : Switches between real and play Bitcoin modes.

/mute <username> : Mutes a specified user.

/refill : Refills the player's play Bitcoin balance if it below 50 mBTC(.001)

/referrals : Displays various data about a player's referrals.

/send <player> <amount> : Sends specified amount to a player on the server. Can only be used with real Bitcoins.

/withdraw <amount> : Gives the player a link where they can choose a wallet to withdraw their server funds to.

/global <message> : Broadcasts the message to the entire server.

/w <player> <message> : Sends a private message to the specified user.

Free Gifts

Upon first joining the server, the number of free gifts a player may receive is set to thirty. Once every fifteen minutes, a player may go to a "Gift Chest" to receive a free gift of .5mBTC(.0005). Players may increase their number of free gifts by referring other players.