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(Screen Shots)
(Screen Shots)
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==Screen Shots==
==Screen Shots==
[[{{ns:file}}:BitCoins_Mobile_1.png|600px|thumb|left|News View - Portrait]]
[[{{ns:file}}:BitCoins_Mobile_1.png|600px|thumb|left|News View - Portrait]]
[[{{ns:file}}:BitCoins_Mobile_2.png|600px|thumb|right|Live Market Data View - Portrait]]
[[{{ns:file}}:BitCoins_Mobile_2.png|600px|thumb|center|Live Market Data View - Portrait]]
==External Links==
==External Links==

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BitCoins Mobile is the most innovative BitCoin app available and the FIRST BitCoin app designed for iPad! With an extensive feature list and active development, BitCoins Mobile sets the standard for market insight and BitCoin investment. BitCoins Mobile is the premier app for BitCoin market insight. At home or on-the-go you'll be a tap away from the most up-to-date pricing, and best charts available. BitCoins Mobile is fully iOS4+ compatible (and iOS5 Beta tested) including multitasking support with auto-update of BitCoin pricing when BitCoins Mobile enters the foreground.

Supported Mining Pools

  • LIVE BitCoin price quotes
  • Displayed in a no-nonsense and attractive UI.
  • Historical Charts
  • BitCoin News feeds
  • Mining Pool Statistics
  • BitCoin network technical charts
  • Support for 33 currencies
  • Customizable auto-refresh interval
  • Ability to disable auto-refresh to reduce data usage
  • On-Demand data refresh capability

Supported Exchanges

  • Mt. Gox
  • Trade Hill
  • Bitomat
  • BitMarket
  • BritCoin
  • Bitcoin7

Supported Pools

  • DeepBit
  • Slush
  • BTCGuild
  • BitClockers

Screen Shots

News View - Portrait
Live Market Data View - Portrait

External Links