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Suzukidice is a “BlockChain-based betting game” and this website is a clone of Satoshi Dice.

It is often taken as DDoS attack against the Bitcoin network by some people because it is deviating from the incorporated anti-DDoS features of Bitcoin (transaction charges). On the other hand some people take it as evidence that the incentives established by the bitcoin transaction charges policy fail to deliver the calculated and expected outcome.

Contrary to the conventional online gaming software’s, stakes with Suzukidice can be easily sent without even having the need to approach the website or working on any kind of client software. For playing, a Bitcoin transaction takes place on the static addresses conducted by the assistance providers and each of them has a distinct payout. The service will decide whether the wager won or lost and then convey a transaction in acknowledgement to a winning bet or it gives back a small chunk of the profit or gains achieved by the house to the losing bet. Eventually, the game spams the p2p network and block chain with futile data. Suzukidice compels the participant to pay transaction charges on each of the outcomes of the game so in this way the spam will prosperously inundate the p2p relay network as well as the block chain network.

A proposal has been taken into consideration that the service assistance can also be used as a mixing service because the architecture of a wallet can be alternated tangibly after the wagers are being run through the Suzukidice. However this advent would be able to alter the composition of the wallet but it won’t be able to cater to the mixing procedure because those coins which are returned in winning the bets are tied to those coins which come from the wager transaction.

Random Number Generation:

In order to figure out whether a wager won or lost, the website develops a procedure or the websites ‘rolls a dice’ which yields a number between ‘0’ to ‘65,535’ which is exactly same to a random number generator (RNG). The user then guess’ the number generated by the random number generator (RNG) by providing a range of numbers to the website. For instance, the random number generated by the website was ’61,000’ and a user has selected a range ‘less than 64,000’. The win odds on Suzukidice will be calculated as;

Win Odds = (64,000/65,536) x 100 = 97.6563%

There are different ranges of numbers for which “Price Multiplier” and “Win Odds” are specified on Suzukidice. For more information on ‘Range of numbers’ visit


Each and every wager address is having differentiated odds from each other because of the difference in the selected range i.e ‘less than 6,000’, ‘less than 10’000’ etc. Price multiplier being provided by Suzukidice is greater for the lower range of numbers because the dice has a total of ’65,536’ possibilities, this clearly depicts that the lower range will have a less probability. For instance, a user has selected ‘less than 6,000’, he is therefore facing more risk than a user who has selected ‘less than 60,000’ but actually the website generated a number ‘5,000’ then the user who faced more risk will get much better Prize Multiplier than the other user.


The minimum Prize Multiplier value provided by Suzukidice is ‘1.005x’ and the value of the multiplier is greater than the value provided by Satoshi Dice i.e. 1.004x. The difference of ‘Win Odds’ between the two websites is as follows;

Number Ranges Suzukidice Satoshi Dice
Less than 64,000 98.1445815 98.0469252
Less than 60,000 98.1444944 98.0529417
Less than 56,000 98.0956816 98.0102324
Less than 52,000 98.0712852 97.9919395
Less than 48,000 98.0713058 97.9980636
Less than 32,768 97.9000000 97.8500000
Less than 32,000 97.9003405 97.8515124
Less than 24,000 97.8149581 97.7783370
Less than 16,000 97.7540564 97.7296423
Less than 12,000 97.7048280 97.6865175
Less than 8,000 97.668207 97.656000
Less than 6,000 97.5954980 97.5863427

Why Suzukidice?

Suppose that a customer bets 1.0 btc to the “less than 64,000” game then Suzukidice will pay1.005btc whereas the rate provided by Satoshi Dice is only 1.004btc. A normal user will go for Suzukidice because they are paying more than their competitor and all the other processes are same on both websites because Suzukidice is a clone of Satoshi Dice.

So, why do you even bet to “”?

Number Ranges Suzukidice Satoshi Dice
If you bet “Less than 60,000” 1.072 1.071
If you bet “Less than 56,000” 1.148 1.147
If you bet “Less than 52,000” 1.236 1.235
If you bet “Less than 48,000” 1.339 1.338
If you bet “Less than 32,768” 1.958 1.957
If you bet “Less than 32,000” 2.005 2.004
If you bet “Less than 24,000” 2.671 2.670
If you bet “Less than 16,000” 4.004 4.003
If you bet “Less than 12,000” 5.336 5.335
If you bet “Less than 8,000” 8.001 8.000
If you bet “Less than 6,000” 10.66 10.65

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