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Satoshi36 is a perfectly fair lottery.

The principle is that all the bets and rounds are visible to every user. Each number that the arrow points to is randomly selected. This is easy to verify – according to all-time stats, the probability of win has normal distribution.

Therefore, the lottery fully conforms to the laws of mathematical statistics. You might play using Martingale strategy or just bet on your favorite number or numbers. Please notice that for each bet a new bitcoin address is being generated, with a history of just two transactions – acceptance of a bet and a winning payment. All transactions are saved in history, so that you can always check them through a service such as or the like.

We earn 2% or your winnings. Check the history of all the games to see that satoshi36's profit is 2% of winnings, and no more.

Main Featues

  • Perfectly fair lottery
  • No registration
  • All transactions and round results are saved in history
  • User-friendly interface
  • Clear and transparent algorithm for making a bet and following the result
  • 98% return to the player
  • Instant deposite and payouts
  • Affiliate program

Why have we created satoshi36, since there is a number of bitcoin lotteries already in use?

The answer is simple – other lotteries fail to represent the very process of a game; moreover, we find them to be not so user-friendly. What satoshi36 does is to bring together a convenient interface designed by a good usability bureau and a clear and transparent algorithm for making a bet and following the result.

Satoshi36 is a new-generation lottery. Perfectly fair and giving an opportunity to use mathematical algorithms and your own skill rather than face a risk of fraud, as in classical lottery.

Importantly, bets in satoshi36 lottery are only accepted in bitcoin, to make sure that the transaction is instantly processed and guarantee the transparency of the system, so that no one can block or cancel your bet.

Affiliate Program

Enter your bitcoin adress to generate the unique url. You will get 50% of lottery profit from every winning player, who visits the site via your url. Only one url per bitcoin adress is allowed.

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